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I read a couple of times that it's possible to devour Rinoa

#1Multi-ShapePosted 4/27/2008 2:50:29 PM
I tried, but nothing. I could use a good laugh.
#2GhostsarecoolPosted 4/27/2008 3:03:17 PM
I smell epic topic.
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#3phiefer3Posted 4/27/2008 4:43:14 PM
In all seriousness, during the fight against Adel, when Rinoa is an "enemy target" you can successfully use the devour command on her. IIRC it has the effect of "permanently" raising your max HP. Though that depends on your definition of "permanent" since doing so immediately leads to a game over (since you have to keep Rinoa alive during that fight).

Trying to use the devour command on someone in your party will always fail.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, let the immature jokes and innuendos commence.
#4Multi-Shape(Topic Creator)Posted 4/27/2008 6:24:22 PM
Yeah. That's when I tried it, but it says: "Couldn't devour" as in "I won't even try"
#5Multi-Shape(Topic Creator)Posted 4/27/2008 6:38:46 PM
This is either a PC-version thing or a myth.
#6ChaosArbiterPosted 4/27/2008 6:50:23 PM
Ok, now that that's out of the way, let the immature jokes and innuendos commence.

Got to wait for thetrueoskar for those to start. :( In any case, I've never tried it, as Devouring is just too time-consuming for me, and I'm not too terribly interested in max-stats anyway.
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#7Starloving_FoolPosted 4/27/2008 9:00:04 PM
Oh god, not oskar... xD

I still remember him from months past.... LOL

I used to think my opinion was valid; now, I know better. >_>
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#8phiefer3Posted 4/28/2008 8:23:22 AM
Yeah, I haven't seen him around in a while...
#9phiefer3Posted 4/28/2008 8:29:35 AM
Oh, and I'm not sure off hand, but are you sure that that message means that you can't devour the target at all? Or could it simply mean that it failed. Devour does require the target to be at low HP for you to devour it.
#10Darkwolf BloodsbanePosted 4/28/2008 8:45:05 AM
Oskar's been travelling.

He should be getting back in a few days, according to Milly.
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