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fastest way to get pulse ammo

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8 years ago#1
whats the fastest way to get pulse ammo because ruby dragon rarley gives it to me
8 years ago#2
I assume you mean what's the fastest way to get energy crystals, because ruby dragons don't drop pulse ammo (neither does any other enemy in the game).

Level 40+ Elnoyles will always drop at least 2 energy crystals (provided you don't mug them), but they're immune to level up, so they're not really an option for a no level game. There's a fixed encounter in Esthar that you can fight as often as you like.

If you're not high enough level, or you don't have access to the fixed Elnoyle fight, then fight mid-to-high level ruby dragons with the Rare Item ability equipped, that will give you about a 45% chance of getting 1 energy crystal from a mid level one (35-44), or 2 energy crystals from a high level one (45+). Again, do not mug them.

There are fixed encounters for ruby dragons pretty far down in the DSRC if you haven't beaten UW yet, though depending on your level you may need to use level up. Or you can find them on the Island Closest to Hell, at level 100. If you're afraid of its breath attack, keep in mind that it's physical, not magical, and it will only use breath if you have 3 living characters, so you can just kill one of your people and not have to worry about it.

Those are likely the 2 fastest sources.
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8 years ago#3
thanks that helped. you're a lifesaver^^
8 years ago#4
Although if you do use the fixed Elnoyle encounter you can card him 10 times for an energy crystal too.

If by fastest you mean "on disc one" then you're stuck with card playing... not that that's a hardship.
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8 years ago#5
If you're actually encountering an Elnoyle, why would you possibly Card it? Its not like the fixed encounter is the only one that drops Energy Crystals...
Cards should only be used if you're not able to actually fight an Elnoyle (or one of the other monsters which can drop Energy Crystals).
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8 years ago#6
Well, if you're doing a no/low level game, Elnoyle's will not drop energy crystals. And if you're put off on the premise of fighting level 100 ruby dragons on the island closest to hell, carding Elnoyle's is a consistent method.

By no means fast, but I'll admit that I've done it in the past (it's also worth some decent ap as well).
No, I'm just genetically predisposed to awesomeness. ~fidormula
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