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What the hell IS Griever ..?"spoilers"

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User Info: zabatso2003

8 years ago#1
i know that he is inside squall or something ...
and i fought him before the last battle...
but what is he..? whats his story..?

User Info: Sir_Bahamut

8 years ago#2
Excerpt from the Time/Ultimecia Plot FAQ (note: "witch" = sorceress):

There may have been a "real" Griever that existed in stories that
Squall had known about, but the only suggestion offered in-game is that it is
a creature that Squall conceived of in his own mind, as Scan tells us that in
Squall's mind, Griever is the strongest GF:

In Squall's mind, the strongest GF. Through Ultimecia's power, continues
fighting without vanishing."

Further, Ultimecia's Witch Embodiment powers granted her the ability to reach
into other's minds and pull things out (as she often displays when completely
removing a character's stock of a certain type of Spell). In the case of
Griever, she simply manifested the thoughts she pulled from Squall's mind
regarding what he believed to be the most powerful being in existence. This
would be a great strategical move on Ultimecia's part. This is made even
more plausible when examining what the Japanese version has Ultimecia say:

Ultimecia: Your feelings, I shall summon the most powerful of things
[from them]! The more strongly you feel, that will be what shall torment
you. Fufu."

As you can see, Griever was clearly created there and then.
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User Info: zabatso2003

8 years ago#3
well thnx for answering but still....what is he..?
why didn't we use it and how did it go into squall's body..?

User Info: Sir_Bahamut

8 years ago#4
Not sure what you mean. The Griever we fight in the game is a GF created by Ultimecia right there and then. We couldn't use it before for that reason. Like I said, it's possible that Squall knew about Griever because it was a mythical beast/GF or something, but we don't know about that.
"You have to be 100% behind someone before you can stab them in the back" ~David Brent.

User Info: Nexus_Nocturnal

8 years ago#5
Griever is just something Squall made up, thus why you couldn't use him

Ulty reached inside Squalls mind and made real what he thought was the strongest thing possible, Griever
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User Info: monkeys_of_ra

8 years ago#6
None of this ever occurred to me.
10/10 people will waste 5 seconds of their life reading this.
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User Info: Freakwave003

8 years ago#7
Pretty much, on the second disc when you name your necklace, Griever, Squall says he wants to be like a lion because they're fierce and all that, and so the final boss is what Squall considers the strongest enemy.

User Info: FishOfPain

8 years ago#8
Good explanations here... Was too damn long since I played this game.

Though I think he looks like Khimari from FFX. Except Khimari wasn't flying.
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User Info: phiefer3

8 years ago#9
The best explanation for Griever is to watch the end of the first Ghost Busters movie. With the whole "choose your own destroyer" type of concept.

And between you and me, I think a 200 foot tall Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man would have been much more intimidating than Griever.
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