I'm looking for a Gameshark code for drawing magic.

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8 years ago#1
Frankly. Probably my sixth time through, and the tedious task of drawing is kinda getting to me. Weakest aspect of the draw system, imo. Good thing they try to balance it with Item>Magic refining, or I'd never pick the game up again.

But now even that's kinda tedious.

Now, I COULD cheat just by raising my magic for all in battle. Or Max Magicking and exchanging magic. Really, just looking at it that way, I don't need the code. But I like the authentic feel, anyway. Anyone got one?
8 years ago#2
wat version do u have.
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8 years ago#3

Gameshark, welll, I'm emulating with a hard copy of the game. Using PEC.
8 years ago#4
Drawing is far from necessary, and not even suggested as a way to increase your magic stock with exception to very few spells. Just about the only things you should ever have to draw are GFs.

Since 9 is the most you can draw at any time (short of a code that actually would allow a single draw for 100 of a spell), you're completely set on Magic by the time you have 3 GFs with the Mag J ability. Even then, I don't know why you would want to draw anything other than GFs and a select few spells in the first place. More (and more powerful spells) are available via the card game, with spells more than powerful enough to last you throughout the entire game being available as early as before leaving for Timber.

Considering this game only gets harder at higher levels and most enemies until near the end of the game won't have great spells to draw even at those higher levels, it's easier just to play a bit of cards here and there and keep your magic stock up, with even more powerful spells than what would normally be available to draw. If you decide to do al of you card playing before leaving for Timber, you can have more than you'll need for a while, or even the rest of the game.

2 hours of cards = The rest of the game is a joke with GFs being the only thing you really need to draw. Reflect from Wedge at the prison is still a good idea, but not necessary. All of your stats will be well junctioned with Vit already having its best spell (Meltdown) available for junction. You'll also have Squall's punishment unless you were unlucky enough for your enemy to keep from playing those cards very often. If you were really lucky with your games, you may even have all of the Elnoyle cards necessary for the Disc 1 Lionheart.

1 Hour of Cards = Set for the game. You'll only want to draw GFs and three or four spells throughout the entire game. Reflect is still a good idea for Spirit, but not necessary. Punishment is still pretty likely in this time.

30 minutes of cards = Set for most of the game and still probably had enough time to get the Punishment before leaving for the Dollet exam. You'll likely have 100 Tornado for at least one member, but probably two. You may end up wanting to draw what you didn't refine as you reach bosses with those spells.

15 minutes of cards = Set for a while, even if using minimal strategy. There are much better things you can do for your junctions, a lot more items you could have gotten, and a lot more
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8 years ago#5
Ehhh, cards cards cards. I've really gotten all the magic I've needed from cards. I've been able to refine Meltdown, Tornado, Quake, etc. from item and card refining. I'm doing very well there. Really, it comes down to the fact that I'm going to want to draw some other biggies, and I really would rather sit in battle and draw them than refine them. And I'd rather not have to sit for twenty or so minutes drawing.

I'm just being lazy. And I really like my cards.

Like I said before, it doesn't really matter. I just wondered if there was one I could use by the time I got around to seeing, say...Ultima. I haven't even gotten to Timber. I'm just looking ahead at all the wonderful drawing I could be avoiding with cheating.
8 years ago#6
You don't have to draw Ultima, either. You can fight the fixed Elnoyle battles for a massive amount of Energy Crystals, which refine into Ultima. Any spell worth being drawn can usually be refined from easily obtained items, or through modding cards at a much faster pace without having to sit through battles.

Beyond the third disc, when the Elnoyle battle is no longer available, you can get them almost as quickly from fighting Ruby Dragons with Rare Item equipped, giving you Energy Crystals for half of yoru battles. Aside from that, there are also the fixed Tri-Face encounters within the Deep Sea Research Center, allowing you to mug for Curse Spikes, and refine every hundred into Dark Matter, which then refine into 100 Ultima spells each.

As I said, there are very few exceptions. Meteor is one of them. Regardless of what other methods there are, drawing from Ruby Dragons is still the fastest method. Gayla's are still the fastest for Meltdown. Drawing from Wedge is your earliest source of Reflect. Aura from Seifer is a good plus. Considering how much more effective limit breaks and physical attacks are than Magic, 300 should be the most you'll ever have to have for most magic.

The only real exceptions to this are spells that actually are worth using, like Aura and Meltdown. Perhaps Triple if you don't use a party member with a limit break to give Protect and Shell, to go along with the Aura spell, though Cerberus can be used just as easily to give Triple (and double) to all party members in half the time. The same goes for Meltdown for the Vit 0 status, which can be inflicted with Doomtrain, and Reflect, which can be granted by Carbuncle.
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8 years ago#7
Aside from Fallacia's very knowledgeable advice, if you still want a code from what you described, here's a code that will let you draw 100 per draw in battle only:

D00A34E8 BCD6
800A3506 1000

Note however, that this code appears to simply change the quantity of spells you get. In other words it will not prevent failed draws if trying to draw high level magic with a low magic stat. But any successful draws will give you 100.

Also, here's the code to draw 100 from draw points in towns, dungeons, etc. (basically all draw points except the world map):
D00B603C 846D
800B605A 1000

And lastly, the world map:
D00B9EF8 BF81
800B9EF4 0064

I don't personally advocate cheating, but I don't see anything condemning about it either, at least not for single player games. And I will often times use codes such as these (mainly the battle one) for the few times when drawing is required, just as a time saver (and then as a rule I don't draw during any timed fights). Because even if it's only once or twice I still don't want to sit there for 36+ turns just drawing magic. There are other aspects of my life, and unfortunately most of them take precedence over gaming.
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8 years ago#8
Yeah, and I appreciate your contributions.

It's not so much that don't know how to do them. It's just that I've done them my past two or three runs. It doesn't seem too time-consuming, but I don't have a lot of time for games in the first place. It's already taken me two weeks just to get the kind of magic I wanted this early in the game. Just think it would be easier to draw it if I found it.

I don't even know when I'm going to use it. I just like knowing it's there when I need it.

Thanks, guys.
8 years ago#9
here TC much better, just transfer the magic you have drawn from the enemy from Squall to everybody also don't draw to summons at once you will be stuck in the battle even you run you can't escape

enemy slot draw mod - first slot
800EEA88 00??

enemy slot draw mod - second slot
800EEA8C 00??

enemy slot draw mod - third slot
800EEA90 00??

enemy slot draw mod - fourth slot
800EEA94 00??

Digits - Magic Spell

01 - Fire
02 - Fira
03 - Firaga
04 - Blizzard
05 - Blizzara
06 - Blizzaga
07 - Thunder
08 - Thundara
09 - Thundaga
0C - BIO
11 - QUAKE
15 - Cure
16 - Cura
17 - Curaga
18 - LIFE
20 - AURA
23 - HASTE
24 - SLOW
25 - STOP
26 - BLIND
28 - SLEEP
32 - SCAN
34 - WALL
38 - THE END
39 thue 3f nothing
41 - SHIVA
42 - IFRIT
43 - SIREN
4a - Alexander
4b - Doomtrain
4c - Bahamut
4d - Cactuar
4e - Tonberry
4f - Eden

Max Level Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1 80077818 63??
Slot 2 8007781A 63??
Slot 3 8007781C 63??
Slot 4 8007781E 63??
Slot 5 80077820 63??
Slot 6 80077822 63??
Slot 7 80077824 63??
Slot 8 80077826 63??
Slot 9 80077828 63??
Slot 10 8007782A 63??
Slot 11 8007782C 63??
Slot 12 8007782E 63??
Slot 13 80077830 63??
Slot 14 80077832 63??
Slot 15 80077834 63??
Slot 16 80077836 63??
Slot 17 80077838 63??
Slot 18 8007783A 63??
Slot 19 8007783C 63??
Slot 20 8007783E 63??
Slot 21 80077840 63??
Slot 22 80077842 63??
Slot 23 80077844 63??
Slot 24 80077846 63??
Slot 25 80077848 63??
Slot 26 8007784A 63??
Slot 27 8007784C 63??
Slot 28 8007784E 63??
Slot 29 80077850 63??
Slot 30 80077852 63??
Slot 31 80077854 63??
Slot 32 80077856 63??
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8 years ago#10
btw, dont try those GF magic, they just screw up the game, but on the other hand Catastrophe doesnt and is good in Ele def junction "better than Ultima" ;p
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