How do I get rid of the Direct Rule?

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7 years ago#1
I have the awful Direct Rule spread through Balamb and Esthar, even tho I've NEVER been beated by the Queen of Cards with such a rule or I've used it to beat her. Besides, the same applies to the All rule, which accordin' to most becomes Direct through time, and I've NEVER used either. I've only played against her under the Diff rule. As a matter of fact, the dominant region is Dollet, which has the Diff rule, but the queen says that however, most regions are not adoptin' risky tradin' rules and stick to Open. Well, that's not the case, Balamb and Esthar use Direct for whatever reason, and who knows, maybe more towns do.

Anyway, how do I get rid of the Direct Rule. Now, I let the Queen of Cards beat me for Minimog so she would go somewhere else (I started with Balamb), and I beat her under Diff rules. Now, accordin' to most people after you beat (or if you've been beaten, I dunno about the second one), that tradin' rule becomes the official one for that particular region. Well, guess what? After I beat her with the Diff rule, Balamb was still usin' the Direct rule.

Now, I don't wanna keep resettin' like an idiot. And I still gotta take her all the way to Esthar to change the tradin' rules there too. 'Sides, while sendin' her to Esthar, I might accidentally spread Direct to other regions without noticin'. Like in Esthar for starters, how the heck does it have the Direct rule if 1) I've never played there except against Odine with the Open tradin' rule, and 2) The Queen of Cards has never been in any other place other than Balamb or Dollet.

So with ALL that said, is there an effective way of changin' tradin' rules (Diff or One, I don't care anymore) other than sendin' her all over the world? The only thing I can think of is tryin' to establish One as the dominant tradin' rule on the dominant region (since appareantly Diff is too risky), but I don't know, since towns practice Direct which I believe is more risky. Anybody out there with a better solution?
Keith Jardine > you
7 years ago#2
Ok, let's start with the basics since it'll be easier than taking your post line by line, as there are some inaccurate assumptions in there.

Trade rules change in 3 possible ways, and only 3 possible ways:

1) When you play a card game the region you played in has a chance for its trade rule to degenerate along the order of All -> Direct -> Diff -> One. Also, it's possible for the trade rule to degenerate straight to One, skipping the other rules. This actually works on a bit of a counter, so it's not really that there's always a chance of degeneration, and more that after so many games the rule will eventually degenerate.

2) When you play a card game in any region, all regions have a (separate) chance to adopt the trade rule of the dominant region. This is a relatively small chance, so it'll likely take a while for it to happen.

3) When you play a card game in the same region as the Queen, that region has a chance to adopt the Queen's current trade rule. This has a fairly good chance of happening and generally only takes a game or two to occur.

The Queen herself ignores the trade rule of the current region and uses her own, which she changes nearly every time you challenge her (and note that each challenge will be followed with a chance of the current region adopting her new rule).

Also, keep in mind that by "play a card game" that includes seeing the rule screen and then quitting (just as it does for spreading and abolishing rules). So even if you challenge the Queen, sees that she's using Direct, and quit, there's still a (good) chance that you just spread Direct to the current region. This is most likely what happened to you.

As for the Queen's comment about other regions avoiding risky trading and changing to One, that has to do with the way rules degenerate (method 1listed above). When she says that, it means that if a region degenerates its rule it'll jump straight to One, skipping the other rules in the order. If she says the other statement (I don't recall it off hand) it means that rules will degenerate along the normal order. It has NOTHING to do with the spreading of trade rules.

The best way to deal with Trade Rules when moving the Queen around is to either save before challenging the Queen and resetting if she uses a trade rule you don't want; or, if you challenge her and she uses a trade rule you don't like quit and challenge her again until she uses a trade rule you do like, then go and challenge/quit somebody else until you're sure that the good rule has been adopted by the region (thus overwriting the bad one) and then challenge the Queen again, repeating this until the Queen uses a trade rule you like the first time you challenge her (though if you're in the dominant region the second method still has the possibility that the bad rule could be spread to other regions before you overwrite it).
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7 years ago#3
Ok, so would you (or anyone else for that matter) would say that a good way of gettin' rid of Direct would be by play/quit enough games so that trading rule would eventually deteriorate into either Diff or straight up Direct?
Keith Jardine > you
7 years ago#4
Keith Jardine > you
7 years ago#5
Keith Jardine > you
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