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6 years ago#1
just quick question
is there anyother use to devour apart from replenishing health if so what is it and how does it work?
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6 years ago#2
Certain monsters provide a permanent boost to your stats when you devour them. Check narshe101's Devour FAQ for details on which ones boost which stats.
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6 years ago#3
So basically the only monsters that give bonuses to stats when successfully devoured or as follows:

HP - Ruby Dragons (lvl45+)
Strength - T-rex (lvl30+)
Vitality - Admantoise (lvl30+)
Magic - Behemoth (lvl40+)
Spirit - Malboro (lvl30+)

I think those are the only ones. As HP, strength and vitality are all much easier to mod from cards on disc 4 for items that'll refine into stat + it's not really worth devouring the first three enemies. And you can essentially buy magic and spirit in the end of the game (5 times of the money trick per) so it's not really worth it there either. I think getting magic through devouring Behemoths might be quicker than the alternative, but otherwise it's not that great.
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6 years ago#4
I wish there was enemies that give Luck and Speed
6 years ago#5
thanks for the pointer i didnt think of looking for it in a faq (duh) i think i might just switch back to item it doesnt really seem worth it
dam where did i place my quote
6 years ago#6
Strictly speaking you can also get +1 Spd from devouring PuPu, but that's a one-shot opportunity. (And doing so screws you out of the PuPu card. And while there are other ways of permanently increasing Spd, there are not other ways of getting the PuPu card.)

FAQs may also mention +10 HP from devouring Rinoa in a certain boss battle, but not only would you Game Over if this were possible, but it's actually not possible in the first place.

HP, Mag, and Spr are fastest to raise starting with buyable items. Str, Vit, and Spd are fastest to raise starting with cards. Luck just plain sucks, but it's fastest to raise with the fixed Tri-Face encounters in Deep Sea. (All of this assumes Chocobo World is a non-option.)
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6 years ago#7
^I perfer Devouring for Strength and Vit Ups
6 years ago#8
It's certainly an option, and less boring and repetitive to be sure. But random encounter rates make it a slower method than cards.
- Vilurum Xaren, leader of the happy turtles, and knowitall.
... And if you can't spell "Vilurum", call me "Vil". :)
6 years ago#9
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6 years ago#10
I like to fight fixed encounter(don't kill Ultima Weapon) Behemoths in Deep Sea Research Center to raise magic when I want to veer away from the redundant Mega-Potion trick. There is a quick method for Devouring behemoths. Character A with initiative uses level down minus hopefully takes level down by 50. Behemoth has 55,500 hp Irvine uses 5 AP ammos with 255 str minus 49995 hp from Behemoth now it has 5005 hp left. Character with devour has over behemoth hp amount(so devour has a chance to succeed) preferably 9999 of course and their you go +1 magic in a fairly quick time.
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