Question about rinoas limit break *SPOILERS*

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6 years ago#1
When she gets the angel wings after she becomes a sorceress and she starts casting random magic, does that take away from stocked magic?
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6 years ago#2
No. Rinoa will only cast spells she has in her inventory (and that target enemies by default), but your stocked spells will not decrease.
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6 years ago#3
Ok cool at first I thought it was using up the magic, thanks for clearing that up.
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6 years ago#4
Also note she will only cast offensive magic. By removing less useful offensive magic from Rinoa's stock you can increase the likelihood of her using better offensive magic. Meteor-Wing is one famous example where you can force Rinoa under her second limit to only use Meteor (with each hit being capable of dealing ~7000 damage with the right setup).
6 years ago#5
(Off-Post but not off-character, and I'm too lazy to make a new thread) BTW, Rinoa's Wishing Star is the best non-Angel Wing limit. And is it just me, or Cloud's Omnislash Level 5 look just like Rinoa's Wishing Star?

(on-topic) Any idea what's the max damage potential for Meteor Wing?
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6 years ago#6
I can't seem to post the long answer. Just as well, the short answer is:
6 years ago#7
Sweet damage potential.
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6 years ago#8
But some "offensive" magic isn't ALL attack based as in under Angel Wing if Rinoa has ANY Dispel magics in stock the AI will randomly use this spell hence its best to not have any copies of Dispel at all.
6 years ago#9
Dispel is offensive. You would never use it on the defense, it's effects can only be negative/neutral to the party or the enemy. The only "offensive" magic that gets used in Meteor Wing that can't do anything to the enemy is scan...
6 years ago#10
As for Omnislash Vs Wishing Star Cloud does more hits at +13 I only counted 8 to 10 Wishing Star hits.

That and Cloud uses his physical attack power to make Omnislash do more damage and Rinoa does more with 255 Magic to increase Wishing Stars damage.

However I don't really count "Dispel' as a offensive magic since it doesn't cause any damage at all even though this game does count it as one. But in some other RPG's Dispel isn't listed under the Black Magic category.
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  3. Question about rinoas limit break *SPOILERS*

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