best way to get force armlet from ochu

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6 years ago#1
okay im on disc 1 and im just wonderin should i use mug card or just kill it.I mean im not sure if it even matters but im just curious because ive killed like 20 and mugged 5 and carded at least 20 and nothin.
6 years ago#2
The only way to get a Force Armlet from Ochu is as a ~5% drop, and that'd with a lvl. 30+ Ochu. You've got the same chance with a 30+ Forbidden. There was a chance that you'd get one by killing X-ATM092. Otherwise, I don't believe you can get a Force Armlet on Disc 1.
6 years ago#3
Since those are so rare from level 30+ Ochu's you may as well just beat Tonberry King ASAP and just buy Force Armlets via 1 of Esthar's shops after the GF learns Familiar.
6 years ago#4
I'd second that, assuming Vegh means the Timber Pet Shop not the Esthar one as that would take significantly longer to get to. May I ask why you want it so early? By mid disc 2 you can buy them and a bit before that you can win the Rinoa card which can be modded for 3 Magic Armlets (+60% Spr over +40%).
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6 years ago#5
Possibly he wants the Shooting Star on Disc 1.
6 years ago#6
Ahhh, that makes sense. Well sort of.
A Man chooses. A Slave obeys.
6 years ago#7
yea once i read i could get all but irvenes best weopon on disc 1 i went for it lol im kinda a perfectionist about that stuff lol i have everyones but rinoas.
6 years ago#8
Ouch, not the fastest or most efficient way to get those weapons. Do keep in mind that the ultimate weapons actually don't help the characters that much for anyone other than Squall and (thanks to the 255 Hit%) Selphie. The most you get from them are a few points in strength that are completely overshadowed by decent junctions and a few points in hit% that really isn't even an issue until Disc 3 when all of these weapons can be gotten in minutes instead of having to go out of your way for hours on top of having to over level to a point that makes the game more difficult than those weapons even make up for in comparison.

The only of these weapons that even has any benefit aside from that is the Lionheart, but even then, the Punishment has almost as much Str, can be made in about 30 minutes of playing Triple Triad, and gives every finisher his Lionheart does except the Lion Heart finisher. Since you could still kill every story boss in a single Renzokuken until Disc 3 without Lion Heart, that just makes it unnecessary as well since you only have a 25% chance of getting the Lionheart finisher *if* you get a finisher in the first place.

If you're just doing it just to be able to say you have or for the sense of accomplishment and don't think that getting those weapons will make the game any easier, everything else in my post can be ignored. If you're like Vegh and just really like having the Lionheart as early as possible, that's fine, too since everyone has their preference. This was just in case you weren't aware of how much time and effort was being wasted on things that can be done in a matter of minutes if you wait a little while as opposed to the several hours you have to go out of your way to do it all on the first disc.
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6 years ago#9
lol yea i just want it so i can say i did it lol trust me i know about wastin time lol ive already put 31 hours into disc 1 and i just got inot dollet lol
6 years ago#10
While I did make the lionheart on disc 1 I didn't bother to make the Shooting Star weapon for Rinoa since in addition to a Regen Ring + Force Armlet you need a energy crystal or 2 to make it.

But I prefer NOT winning 10x Elnoyle cards to get the Energy Crystals you do need.
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