So in which console do you play FF8.

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User Info: the deck master

the deck master
5 years ago#1
PS1, PS2, PSP our PC.

I personally use ps2 but im planing to download the psp one but im having my douts some suggestions would be very much appreciated
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User Info: Senta

5 years ago#2
PS2, despite having a PS3.

I was turned off of playing PS1 games on PS3 after I played a few games, and saw numerous graphical hitches/glitches (Albeit very small ones, but enough that I notice them after so many years of playing them on PS1/PS2.)

I reckon that is the downside to the PS3's use of emulation for PS1 games.

User Info: CNash

5 years ago#3
At the moment, PC, for the portability of my laptop.
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User Info: KojaxFX

5 years ago#4
PS2, may rebuy it for the PS3, discs are kinda geting worn out.
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User Info: yobibs

5 years ago#5
PSP coz it can handle some low res games and it does its job to reduce some rough edges....

But i do have the PC version but the sound isn't good compared to the PSX/PSN version or some graphics are a bit messed......

Or play it via emulator on PC/Laptop since my PS1 was sold =( but i still have the Discs which is a part of my collection of the series except X-2,XII,XIII i rent a game first before buying it where the later FF's failed.... XD

PS3 somehow is just being used as a movie theatre by my folks since it has BlueRay LOL... XD
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User Info: FearPotion

5 years ago#6
I played it on PS1, PS2, PC, PS3 and I'm currently on PSP. I played it on just about everything it's on. The only thing I don't do is emulation on PC or smartphones.

User Info: Lisa_Simpson

5 years ago#7
PS3. I didn't buy it online, though. I use the copy I've had for about 10 years now.
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User Info: MC RaZaR

5 years ago#8
I played it on PSOne and on a PS2 once or twice.
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User Info: thetrueoskar

5 years ago#9
Wait. You can play PS1 games on smartphones? O_O

Is that like, some kind of Japan-only PSN store for cell phones?


Thought this was donut at first. =/
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User Info: NeoTStyle

5 years ago#10
played it on PS1, PS2 and am currently playing it on PS3. Few graphical glitches here and there but it's alright. :3
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