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Where can i find No Encounter

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8 years ago#1
i want to get an armor with No Encounter ability. Where though??
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8 years ago#2
You can get a weapon with No Encounters on from Geosgeno (sp?). You need the airship and go back to Baaj temple.
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8 years ago#3
steal purifying salts from fallen monks in Zanarkand
or kill Demonoliths inside Sin/Omega temple. They drop No Encounter Weapons
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8 years ago#4
Just kill 10 of each dragon type to get 99 purifying salts. Check the faqs for where to find them.
8 years ago#5
Customiz 30 (I think) Purifying Salts into an armour to customize.

99 can be collected from unlocking Fafnir (Dragon type). Capture 4 of each dragon type to unlock Fafnir.

Steal from the Fallen Monks in the Zanarkand Dome.

Steal from Ghosts in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth (I think, probably wrong on that one)

Armour Drops from Demonoliths in the Omega Ruins may have No Encounters in them

Thats from off the top of my head
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8 years ago#6
Ghost-type enemies drop them.

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8 years ago#7
Demonolith is a ghost-type enemy? Anyway, defeat Geosgaeno for the NE weapon. He can also drop an Auto-Reflect armor.
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8 years ago#8
He said that "Ghost-type enemies drop them," not that only Ghost-type enemies drop them.
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8 years ago#9
Demonolith is a ghost-type enemy?

Since when are Demonolith a ghost type enemy?
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8 years ago#10
Since when did I imply that only Ghost-Type enemies drop them?

I only pointed out that Ghost-Type enemies drop them, as other people pointed out Geo and Demoniths dropping them as well (although, mentioning that Geo's drop is a weapon, not armour).

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