Need help for getting FFX on my computer (Windows)

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7 years ago#1
I have the game on playstation 2 so i am in no way doing anything illegal. Although i haven't been on this board lately, im an insanely huge FFX (best game ever) fan and i used to frequent this board everyday. So anybody who knows me from a while back knows im just trying to enjoy an awesome game on my awesome PC.

Now that i have that cleared up i have a few questions so i can get it on my computer.

What is the most accurate/good/trusted PS2 Emulator out there and could someone link it plz.

Same as above except for this time i need the actual FFX rom so any website links or help is appreciated. Also any hints on how big of a download it is. Is 10 gigabytes close?

THX for any help guys.
7 years ago#2
PCSX2 is the best PS2 emulator, you'll need a BIOS for it and the game you want to play obviously. The BIOS is illegal to obtain no matter how you do it other than ripping it from your own PS2. And the games can be read from your DVD drive so there are no "ROMs". I guess you could download a copy of FFX if you don't have the disc anymore, but it is illegal to download even if you own or bought the game before.
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7 years ago#3
So i install/setup that program, put my FFX CD into the drive and it will automatically read it?

Do i need an ISO program to make an image of my CD though, or liken i said above, just put it in.
7 years ago#4
There are plugins for PCSX2 of both types. Personally, I find the ISO reader to be faster, but if you prefer to run it straight from your drive, that can be done.

Be aware that the emulation isn't perfect. The graphics are a bit blocky (nothing too bad - you can still clearly see what's what), and while in most parts the speed is acceptable (about 95% that of a real PS2), in underwater battles the game runs VERY slow. But that could just be my system.

I'd also reccomend using an adapter to plug a real PSX/PS2 controller in. Most controller plugins for PCSX2 can support it.

IMO, emulation isn't worth it for trying to play the game, unless it's your last resort to play the PAL/Int version or experimenting with (or hacking) cheats.
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7 years ago#5
You can just buy a used PS2 off Ebay for like $20, pimp it out with a cheap hard drive, and install FMCB on the memory card. Then, you can run games off of the hard drive. The DVD drive on the PS2 I am using is completely dead (strange noises, disk read errors), but I don't need to use it. To top it off, my games run much faster from the hard drive than from the original discs!
7 years ago#6
After hours of problems and frustration ive finally got FFX to work on my computer. The FMV's are a little slow but its not to bad, thanks for your help, oh and to the last poster my PS2 is working fine. Its just at the other end of the house nowhere near my bedroom and computer.
7 years ago#7
In order to run FFX smoothly you need a 3.1 ghz dual core processor--the PS2 emulator is VERY processor intensive. I've been playing it on my PC for the past few days, but on a 2.13 ghz processor that I've overclocked to about 2.56. I still get some slowdown in big areas, but the fights are all steady at 60 fps. If you're having speed trouble, consider overclocking, it will help a lot. When I tried it at base 2.13, I was getting 45 fps pretty much all the time--pretty unplayable.
7 years ago#8
Well overclocking graphic cards is easy but ive never tried to overclock my processor before, apparently its hard or at least time consuming.
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