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Sry! I dont understand the Reset Data blitzball glitch. Wakka Overdrive help plz

#1BlackrhythmPosted 7/22/2009 3:20:32 AM
Ive been playing blitzball for a while now then i discovered the Blitzball Save then soft reset trick to make the Tournament prize change. Now im reading FAQs and stuff and read about a 26 games trick or something. But the 1st step is to Reset Data.

So do i have to Reset Data before i can start the 26 games trick? Whats the purpose of Reset Data? Does it raise the chances of getting Wakkas overdrives or is it the same either way? Cuz i have been using the soft reset Tourny prize trick for about 1 hr.30. I cant get Attack Reels!

Is it just bad luck or does it have something to do with the number of games or some other system behind it?

Hope that was understandable(sleepy) but i just want these Overdrives then im done with Blitzball.
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#2Endless_DuskPosted 7/22/2009 4:04:26 AM
You don't need to soft-reset to get a new Tournament prize. Entering and exiting the blitzball menu eight times will give you a new Tournament prize list. Of course, this only works if you're not already involved in one. If you are, you must finish before the prizes can change.

Attack Reels can appear as a Tournament prize without any prerequisites. Keep entering and exiting the menu until it appears.

The 'save and soft-reset' method is for changing League prizes. Once you finish the tenth match in a League and are awarded the prizes, choose Go Back to return to the field screen. If you do so and save before seeing the new League prizes you can soft-reset to change them.

The Reset Data method cuts out two Leagues from the entire, so rather than having to play through them to change the prizes at the end you simply choose Reset Data to change the prizes. The downside is all your players return to how they were before the Luca match so it's not recommend if you have made decent progress and want to preserve your team.
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#3Endless_DuskPosted 7/22/2009 4:07:03 AM
i just want these Overdrives then im done with Blitzball.

I missed this line first time. If you're not worried about blitzball in the long run, go the Reset Data route.

Reset Data. Hire the following players for three matches.

LF: Tidus
RF: Wedge
MF: Letty/Zev Ronso/Brother
LD: Jassu/Zalitz
RD: Ropp
GL: Jumal

Enter and exit the BB menu until Attack Reels appears as a Tournament prize.
Play the tournament and win Attack Reels.
Reset Data until Status Reels appears as the League prize.
Hire the same players for thirteen matches.
Play the league and win Status Reels.
Enter and exit the BB menu until Auroch Reels appears as a Tournament prize.
Play the tournament and win Auroch Reels.
Reset Data until the Jupiter Sigil appears as the League prize.
Hire the team for ten matches.
Play the league and win the Jupiter Sigil.

You need to have fought over 250 battles for Status Reels to appear and over 450 battles for Auroch Reels to appear.
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#4BrainDamageEclipsePosted 7/22/2009 5:01:52 AM
The reason you reset data is to change the prize for the current league competition, without completing the 10 games in a league season.

When you win an overdrive in a tournament, the next overdrive (or the sigil) becomes available as a league prize, but it will not appear until you start a new league season. So, you reset data to get out of the current league and start a new season.

Anyhoo, here's my guide to getting the overdrives and sigil in 24-26 games.
If you still have any probles, LMK.

BDEís cut & paste guide #4: Jupiter Sigil in minimum possible games:

Compulsory game vs Luca Goers: (1 game, win or lose). Leave Luca, touch save sphere.
Head back into Luca, sign Wedge (forward), Jumal (goalkeeper) and Zalitz (defence). Shaami is OK too.
If you have the Airship you can sign Wakka (forward) and Brother (midfield), but youíll do just fine with the ringers available in Luca.

Enter and exit the blitz menu until tournament is available, ignore the league.
Tournament: win attack reels. Save game. (win 2-3 games)
You can't get status reels until you complete the current league or reset blitz data.
Use RESET STATS to get new league prize.
This resets all blitz data :( But donít worry, you only played 3-4 games.
If the prize is not status reels, reset and re-load, fight more battles (you need 250 battles), and try again later.
After resetting, your team is now back to starting levels and players, so sign up Wedge and Jumal again.
Win league to get status reels. Save game. (10 games).
You do not need to win all ten, just finish on top of the table, so you may lose (or forfeit) 2-3 games.
Enter/ exit blitz menu, until tournament appears.
Tournament prize should be auroch's reels, if not reset and reload, do not reset blitz data, You may need more battles (450 battles).
Win auroch's reels, (2-3 games). Save game.
You will need to reset blitz data again, (then sign players again) if you wish to avoid an unnecessary 10 games.
Jupiter sigil should be available now. Win league to get it (10 games)

Remember that you only need to win a game 1-0.
When you have the lead and the ball, pass to a defender and hide behind your own keeper to run down the clock.

BTW, you can soft reset the game until you get a bye, so 24 games (plus the compulsory one) is the minimum.

All in all, this should take no more than 6 hours, and can be considerably less if you:
* run the clock down by hiding behind your keeper
* forfeit 2 or 3 league games when you concede an early goal. (but make sure you still finish top)
* have an NTSC version (faster frame rate)

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#5SiLoWillPosted 7/25/2009 10:10:26 AM
Do you have to do 250 battles every time you reset?
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#6dark_warrior21Posted 7/25/2009 11:24:35 AM

From: SiLoWill | #005
Do you have to do 250 battles every time you reset?