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sphere grid path for all characters.

#1zhaoyun26Posted 9/4/2009 9:29:58 PM
Well i don't know how to continue, the *?* mark means i'm still not sure about the corresponding character's path...

Auron: Auron - Wakka - Tidus - Kimahri - Rikku - Yuna - Lulu

Wakka: Wakka - Tidus? - Auron - Kimahri - Rikku - Yuna- Lulu

Yuna: Yuna - Lulu - Rikku - Kimahri - Tidus - Wakka - Auron

Lulu: Lulu - Yuna - Rikku - Kimahri - Tidus - Wakka - Auron

Tidus: Tidus - Wakka - Auron? - Kimahri - Rikku - Yuna - Lulu

Rikku: Rikku - Yuna? - Lulu? - Tidus - Kimahri - Wakka - Auron

Kimahri: Kimahri - Yuna - Rikku - Tidus - Wakka - Auron - Lulu

Is this the best path or is there a better recommendation? I haven't done this path yet, it's just my prediction....

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#2guythesamuraiPosted 9/4/2009 9:49:25 PM
It depends on how you use your characters really...

But for Auron I would suggest either...Auron-->Wakka-->Rikku--->Yuna--->Tidus--->Kimahri--->Lulu or Auron-->Tidus-->Rikku-->Yuna--->Wakka--->Kimahri--->Lulu...this is to boost up Auron's crappy Agiligy
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#3zhaoyun26(Topic Creator)Posted 9/5/2009 4:37:52 AM

is there any other recommendations?

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#4KycootheGBusterPosted 9/5/2009 6:25:55 AM
For Wakka, I would flip Tidus and Auron. You can have Wakka learn all the breaks and get a ton of HP in the process. This way, you can actually make Wakka useful when you go to train him.

#5TinyosiPosted 9/5/2009 9:35:38 AM
I agree with making Wakka go to Auron's first, he gains a ton of strength and is pretty damn good after he gets to Auron's.
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#6Ragnarok954Posted 9/5/2009 12:55:56 PM
I normally take Auron down Rikku's path first to gain quite a bit more Agility, then Wakka's for Strength and HP.
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#7zhaoyun26(Topic Creator)Posted 9/6/2009 12:02:48 AM
After looking for some more informations, someone please conclude this to me:

Which one is the best for Wakka after finishing his SG: Tidus, Auron, or Lulu?
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#8zhaoyun26(Topic Creator)Posted 9/6/2009 6:06:25 AM
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#9guythesamuraiPosted 9/6/2009 6:31:07 AM
Which one is the best for Wakka after finishing his SG: Tidus, Auron, or Lulu?

A previous poster already answered that for you...and I agree with him
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#10IHeartJessAlbaPosted 9/6/2009 6:45:18 AM
it truly doesnt matter, and in the end comes down to personal preference.

i used to keep tidus going down his path, into yunas, making him more of a pally, then up through kimahri, into wakka and aurons grids, then to rikku then lulu.

in the end, it boils down to what you want. tidus is medium spd str and some hp and def. auron is str def and hp. wakka has some str and hp, decent def and a lot of acc. lulu and yuna are mainly mg and mag def. rikku is agility, with a bit of hp early on.

you can plan it all out with either transport spheres, or routes.

either way, there really isnt a "right" or "wrong" way to do it. and with teleport spheres, and their ilk, it makes the process that much simpler.
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