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4 years ago#171
Bacon is meat candy!!!
4 years ago#172
Jecht shot
I have a medium sized fire axe buried in the small of my back, that sort of thing really puts a crimp in your day-Kryten
4 years ago#173
Today will suck less than yesterday. Now that's optimism.
4 years ago#174
Jecht spheres
yup, another perfect day to play games :)
4 years ago#175
Aurons jug of booze?
4 years ago#176
2ndcuzofSparda posted...
Aurons jug of booze?

^I know I'm not the guy that gave the riddle but damn that fits perfectly XD
Bacon is meat candy!!!
4 years ago#177
Rikku's Mix overdrive.
"We've got no clues about the perp. We don't even have a sus because the sec with a mo's got a perf al."
4 years ago#178
2ndcuzofSparda posted...
Aurons jug of booze?

Sorry for the delay, that's the one^

1.) I give power to the fast and the skilled

Auron's final two overdrives incorporate the jug if you input the commands fast enough

2.) I'll only be used once until you learn more about our past

He drinks at the beginning of the game. Other than that you must collect the spheres from braska's journey.

3.) I first appear in wait of a coming catastrophe

Before Sin invades DZ

4.) I'm always by my friend's side

At Auron's hip

5.) I've got an explosive personality

during the tornado overdrive

6.) Make sure to only use me responsibly.

Hinting that it is filled with liquor (I think I read somewhere that it had Ale written on it)

DrFrob: 6
shadow99226: 6
DreamEater12: 3
1337ozPWNSTEAK: 2
2ndcuzofSparda: 2
burdfreak: 2
dmaz2: 2
EgoKiller801: 2
Monxp: 2
Alex_Switch: 1
Aoi_Kaminari: 1
DatFace_PTP: 1
Darkefka: 1
graemefinley: 1
HelloImNinja: 1
Imbackhahahaha: 1
Isarou: 1
jtrue1387: 1
Jonnovision: 1
M_Infernum: 1
pbirdman: 1
QuaintPlatypus: 1

You're up, 2ndcuzofSparda!
4 years ago#179

1) We might meet twice.
4 years ago#180
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