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4 years ago#101
^^ I meant Fortune Spheres, sorry
4 years ago#102
With my stats, equipment and strategy the chance is way higher than this, I worked it out to be more like 1 in 320. How are you getting this number?.

Oh, I thought you had only used 1 fortune sphere. So that way I came to a different number. How many strength and agility spheres have you used?

I came to it by going through the attacks you would use, which are 8 seed cannons and 18 attacks unless I'm mistaken. Of those 26 attacks at least 11 (10.7) must go critical. You have a 14% chance of getting a critical hit (12 for seed cannon and 15 for attack) with 5 jinxes and 1 luck sphere. The chances of those 11 attacks or more going critical with those odds is around 1/2400. But that's without using the random factor. With it, the chances of winning are slightly bigger, around 1/2000.

I only have two more Fortune nodes available to use (already activated two). And I'm not using extra nodes, this is OSG after all.

If you can win without using extra nodes, it's better to do so. But if it changed the chances of winning so dramatically as I thought, it could make you doubt whether or not to use those extra nodes. Especially since the border between the characters sphere grids isn't declared so strongly.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you should use extra nodes. It's your game and your choice. It was just something I thought you should know.
4 years ago#103
I have used 5x Strength Spheres, 2x Luck Spheres, 2x HP Spheres and 8x Agility Spheres. I am going on the Ultimania sphere grid diagram which shows the locks connecting Kimahri's grid with Lulu's and Wakka's belonging to Kimahri. Should mention that Extract Mana takes up one node in Kimahri's grid in the PAL version.

Sadly I had no choice about the 2x HP Spheres since without them Kimahri cannot survive Omnis' Ultima and I don't see any way to beat him without seeing it.

Yes you are completely right that I am going for 8 Seed Cannon + 18 Attack with 5x Jinx used at the beginning. Each Attack benefits from the bomb-dropped damage bonus, plus my weapon has Str +20%. You may already be accounting for that.

Since the crit chance from Seed Cannon and regular Attack are different, and since the amount of extra damage is also different, I wrote a short computer program that generated the appropriate random numbers and added up both Seed Cannon and Attack contributions. You will probably get something a little different if you are just working off total number of crits.
4 years ago#104
Grinding for Gui, will probably need to grind to drain-
and i ditched the nenne rule simply because it was too hard.
4 years ago#105
Hmm, I checked my OD Sin calculation again and I'm not sure where I was getting that 1 in 320 from...

I now get 1 in around 450 or 1 in around 200 if I add an extra 3% crit chance to Kimahri's normal attacks (in pbirdman's UCG, he says the crit bonus on armor is added to regular attacks as well as the weapon bonus).
4 years ago#106
Each Attack benefits from the bomb-dropped damage bonus, plus my weapon has Str +20%. You may already be accounting for that.

Yes, I used that.

I get a 1 in 260 without and a 1 in 120 chance with that extra 3% from armour.
But now it's clear that the chances I'm getting are a bit too high, because I'm giving seed cannon and the normal attack both the same chance of getting criticals.
4 years ago#107
OK, good to see our numbers are coming out within a factor of 2 or so. To be honest the main thing I wanted to check back when I looked at this the first time is that the odds were better than 1 in 1000, which we're definitely agreeing on.
4 years ago#108
Before I get past Seymour and into bikanel, is there anything I really need to get before I'm cut off from earlier in the game areas and into the desert?
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4 years ago#109
Aww yeah, just beat Gui.
I leveled until i did about 1k with a normal attacks and about 530dmg/heal with drain.
I had quite some luck though i got about 2 crits and 2 dodges which was essential cause i had 50hp left when i fininshed him off.

Looking forward to some easy bosses and lighting dodging:)
4 years ago#110
^ nice job

@ EnglishLanguag

How are you planning to beat Evrae? You might want to make sure you have enough Softs to Customize Stone Ward.
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