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Does.....does valefor have breasts?

#21terran3999999Posted 11/1/2012 12:36:20 PM
So what happens when you see a Malboro? Cringe in disgust? The thing is basically a evil tentacle monsters, with a jaw full of sharp teeth and they aren't even trying to hide it!

"You're making a big deal out of nothing, so shut up."

Though, this does bring up a good question, why didn't they make Anima more female?
Probably to keep it a secret. And there's also the "bottom half".
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#22thetrueoskarPosted 11/3/2012 10:05:21 AM
Yeah, that bottom half of Anima is freakin' HAWT~
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#23KadeAuronPosted 11/6/2012 3:19:15 AM
thetrueoskar posted...
Yeah, that bottom half of Anima is freakin' HAWT~

Yeah, that's one hell of a "lady part".
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#24FallaciaPosted 11/6/2012 6:44:22 AM
This is one of the few times I've noticed the TCs user name before making an overly long post without people already making a big deal about who it was that made a topic like this.
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#25Duke DarkwoodPosted 11/6/2012 12:16:53 PM
I'm the only one who sees a problem with a giant monster bird having breasts.? It doesn't look weird or creepy or anything? I'm really the only one who thinks it's a bit bizarre that they decided to sexualize the monster bird for no reason?

I'm just making sure I got this right.

Well, do you object to giant monster bugs with breasts? They're even less mammalian than birds.

But seriously: Valefor is NOT a bird. It is.... a unique creature unto itself, like all Aeons. It is feathered and has wings, yes - like a bird. However, those are not the wings OF a bird - they are featherless membranes across a wing's bone structure. I could name mammals with wings, as well as (extinct) reptiles. In fact, it doesn't even have many feathers, below its neck.

A bird, that ain't. In fact, is that braided hair behind it? Birds don't have hair.

So, in the end, how it looks doesn't really have any rules covering it. It is.... Valefor.
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#26GravitycrasherPosted 11/7/2012 8:38:36 AM
You make it sound like winged mammals (and we all know you meant bats, You should've just said that) have feathers. I wouldn't call you out on this, but it was kinda the point of your post.
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#27Duke DarkwoodPosted 11/7/2012 12:18:28 PM
If I made it sound that way, such was not my intention; the point of my post was simply that "bird" is too simplistic and inaccurate to apply to a chimeric beast like an aeon, which merges various traits into a unique form.
"As the good archmage often admonishes me, I ought not to let my mind wander, as it's too small to go off by itself." -Danilo Thann
#28mikmalotPosted 11/12/2012 11:30:32 AM
I'm with you, TC. I noticed it when I first played it 10 years ago, and it weird the **** out of me.
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#29moscow_mulePosted 11/19/2012 12:35:14 AM
Has anyone else noticed that cows have breasts?!!!!
Apparantly they are called udders!!!
Proper freaky bro's!!!
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#30StarBladeEdgePosted 11/19/2012 4:49:57 AM
valefor first apeared in ff 4 and was female too.
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