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Best Cloister of Trials FAQs

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3 years ago#1
Can someone point me to the best cloister of trials walkthroughs. I've used several of the FAQs here and have found a lot lacking when it comes to the CoT.
3 years ago#2
Split Infinity's walkthrough explains the Cloister puzzles pretty well, IIRC.
3 years ago#3
First ones I ever knew about:

Concise and accurate. Many other guides are near identical, including the same extra (unnecessary) steps in Djose. You can pick up the destruction sphere before taking the lift up, and hold on to it while pushing in the pedestals.

Split's guide doesn't describe how to solve each cloister. It only links to images posted elsewhere.
Guides and other contributions:
FFX, FFXII, KH, KH Re:CoM, KH2, Okage: Shadow King, Secret Agent Clank
3 years ago#4
Thanks falcon...all the links to images are why I don't care for splitinifinity's faq.
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