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4 years ago#1

Every Character - All Abilities, All Skills, All Overdrive Modes, Overdrives
Yuna - All White Magic Skills, Abilites + Skills
Lulu - All Black Magic Skills, Abilities + Skills
All Characters - Celestial Weapon + Celestial Armor
All Characters - Original Weapon + Original Armor
All Characters - Capture + Firstrike
All Characters - No Encounters + Walk MP + Walk HP
Custom Weapon + Armor (Main Custom Setup) - All Characters:

Triple Overdrive
Peircing Yuna + Lulu = One MP Use)


HP 9999 All 7, MP 999 All 7, Sphere Grid Strategy Guide StandardGrid Copy
4 years ago#2
i would of replaced poisonproof with auto protect.. and where is your break damage limit young man?
Hope misses Vanille's smile :(.
4 years ago#3
VanilleHopen posted...
i would of replaced poisonproof with auto protect.. and where is your break damage limit young man?

This, exactly so.
Seven. Point. Five.
4 years ago#4
Poisonproof, um against auto-haste = no auto-protect = Poisonproof.
4 years ago#5
Night_Drift_N posted...
Poisonproof, um against auto-haste = no auto-protect = Poisonproof.

huh? Almost all the monsters hit you with physical attacks and only several hit you with poison.. AutoProtect is much better...

also YOu should use break damage limit... It's better than all the abilities you have on your weapon combined..

It's the difference between doing 10k and 100k a hit basically..
Hope misses Vanille's smile :(.
4 years ago#6
LOL... Poisonproof is absolutely useless endgame, even before that. Go with Auto-Med instead, it's not as big of a mistake. Confuseproof/Deathproof would be far better though, at least you can control yourself when poisoned. Auto-protect can mean the difference between life and death. Having poisonproof armor doesn't mean **** if a monster smacks you dead in the same hit that afflicts poison status when you could survive with Auto-Protect.

It's a fact that your allies are more useful alive and poisoned, than they are when KO'd, unless your disc is really glitched.

Also, get rid of Piercing. It's infinitely more logical to use BDL in its place, especially since you have Armor Break, which means you only lose one turn inflicting it, compared to the number of turns and deaths you'll face for being capped at 9999 instead.

For example, if you're fighting a Barbatos with 255 STR and BDL, then you will always deal more than 9999, even with *armored* status still in place. With piercing instead, you can *only* deal 9999, no matter what you do. Fighting Juggernaut like this will be tedious beyond human comprehension. Why do you insist on punishing yourself with these abilities? Lost a bet?

Numbers don't lie.
Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand.
4 years ago#7
My dudes all have:

First Strike
3x OD
STR +20 or One MP

4 years ago#8
My old 1st playthrough/Max Stat/MoQ file has a pretty derpy loadout. I'll post it sometime this evening. It's good for a laugh or a groan.

Basically, it involved a Break MP Limit Rikku and a whole party spamming Auto-Life instead of Auto-Phoenix. I think ONE guy had Auto-Haste.
Seven. Point. Five.
4 years ago#9
I wish I still had my first save. Probably would've been even lulzier than that.
4 years ago#10
I don't remember all the details, but I do remember that for all the significant optional bosses bar Penance, my armor was Auto-Haste, Auto-Phoenix, Stoneproof, Sleepproof. For Penance, I used the usual Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect, Auto-Potion, Defence+20%... you just can't beat it for teh Penancez0r.
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