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A Summer Replay: 13 years on... (Archived)AzSchmaz68/8 7:44AM
Decent source for Rikku armor around Moonflow (Archived)
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FFXsaves158/7 5:01PM
(spoilers) (Archived)
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Willton118/7 4:25AM
For those of you who do challenges, do you sometimes impose restrictions that... (Archived)T-dus98/7 3:15AM
I have a question concerning the tick speed explanation in one of the FAQs. (Archived)T-dus48/6 8:02PM
Dark Ifrit Solo No OD, No BHPL (Archived)big_kake18/6 7:42PM
Dark Yojimbo Solo No OD, No BHPL (Archived)big_kake78/6 7:14PM
sphere grid level unlocks and stats between characters (Archived)kasplat36048/6 4:28PM
I'm starting these challenges (possible spoilers) (Archived)
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Figaroooooooooh228/6 3:27PM
Penance Extreme Challenge No BHPL (Archived)big_kake78/6 8:07AM
Trying to get Anima (Archived)
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s4ad0w118/5 7:54AM
Finding or making a video of defeating Penance with base luck and 9999 HP. (Archived)CJRP108/4 1:20PM
sand worms and cactuars in desert (Archived)chrcol98/4 12:54PM
Stupid Thunder Plains! (Archived)
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s4ad0w238/2 12:35PM
Stat Maxing: Regarding Acc/Eva/Luck/HP... (Archived)demoncub88/1 7:00PM
According to the item database, YAT-99 monsters have Mega Phoenix as a common... (Archived)
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T-dus157/31 3:16PM
Not sure what square was thinking when they made the Celestial weapons... (Archived)Champeon47/31 12:38AM
1/8 dark matter rare drop my A$$! (Archived)
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SS_Phoenix929447/29 5:14PM
Riddle Game X (Archived)
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sirdryden425007/28 4:56PM
auto haste glitch (possible spoilers...) (Archived)Machines_Of_Dog97/28 1:28PM