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Full Equipment Chart (Archived)
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zzanmato1510/13 1:51PM
Airship search coordinates not working. Pls Help. (Archived)dsimek_410/13 9:26AM
If there ever is a prequel... (Spoilers) (Poll)OneShotCrisis1010/12 7:25PM
Sphere Master Trophy???? (Archived)Mystearical1010/12 7:41AM
The level 2 key spheres (Archived)Mannybiglips710/12 7:30AM
Dark Yojimbo question. (Archived)WiKeD410/9 1:58PM
How do I make Tidus learn Omnislash? (Archived)HayanNinja610/9 12:07AM
FFX Bass cover! (Archived)Mr_Kinneas110/8 9:19AM
I just won the very first blitzball game and got the trophy (Archived)SheenavsKilley810/8 1:12AM
General Challenges Topic XIII (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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zzanmato50010/8 12:16AM
How do you win blitzball? Play enough games to recruit best players? (Archived)
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SheenavsKilley2410/7 10:23PM
Does Simurgh even exist in Djose Highroad? (Archived)
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SheenavsKilley2210/7 7:59AM
Question concerning Yojimbo and Zanmato (Archived)
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Incertarum1310/7 4:41AM
Inside sin rare fiend capture (Archived)Kadena1984610/6 7:01PM
FF Character Appreciation Topic (Archived)
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Archmonk Iga2410/4 7:37AM
Omega Ruins question (Archived)Incertarum210/4 5:14AM
i have just arrive when you get the control of the airship (Archived)shadow_goldorak210/4 2:26AM
Drop allocation (Archived)
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Incertarum1610/3 1:38PM
Stats maxed, what is your favourite method to farm gil? (Archived)
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SheenavsKilley2310/3 1:30PM
One Luck +4 node can only be fully activated with 7 Fortune Sp. Man (Archived)SheenavsKilley1010/2 4:17PM