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fastest with Earth Eater and ironclad? (Archived)
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AerisAura416/23 5:12PM
Maximum AP? (Archived)GanGeGe36/23 8:27AM
Finally finished restoring it... need help! (Archived)UltimateBreaker16/22 1:16PM
What would you recommend for a Stroneproof, non-BHPL armor? (Archived)T-dus106/21 4:28AM
So.. I am at guadosalam.. How many hours do I have left? (Archived)WhiteSword746/19 11:30AM
If you were Tidus... *POSSIBLE SPOILERS* (Poll)
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MiyamotoSakurai146/15 3:53PM
My First FFX challenge... (Archived)fezzyfezz96/15 6:00AM
Someone make sure I'm doing this right... (Archived)
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buckmiller3446/14 10:55PM
How to find Elio? (Archived)SheenavsKilley46/13 11:32PM
I'm playing the International version and got the Dark Valefor glitch (Archived)SheenavsKilley86/12 2:41PM
Cheer/Focus/STR+20% in regards to max stats. (Archived)
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Nenjii256/12 6:04AM
lmao I totally forgot Rikku was in this game. (Archived)
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GappyWing466/12 12:45AM
I wish this FF wasn't so easy (gameplay spoilers) (Archived)
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mninp136/11 7:34PM
How many level 4 locks are there on the Sphere Grid? (Archived)SheenavsKilley36/11 9:23AM
Funny Quote in Luca *spoilers perhaps* (Archived)
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MrVValentine116/10 8:59AM
Searching for pbirdman's tonberry map (Archived)finalfinally56/10 8:51AM
Which fiend did you capture your tenth of last? (Poll)
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atakdoug296/10 6:47AM
Question regarding Dona (Perfect Game) (Archived)Keiyuu46/10 6:04AM
Oh my God. (Archived)Nenjii76/8 6:34PM
Auto-Phoenix or Auto-Shell? (Archived)
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Nenjii126/8 2:02PM