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Doin an NSG run and forgot stunning steel.... (Archived)
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almightydun176/7 12:51PM
Break HP limit. (Archived)Nenjii76/7 8:50AM
Agree or disagree, people who (Archived)
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CasualAF186/7 7:48AM
Can you save between lightning dodges and reset if you mess up? (Archived)Nelo_Meseta76/7 3:50AM
Is Jumbo Flan farming for 26 magic spheres worth it? (Archived)CheekoStick5246/6 5:53PM
Does Sin... (spoilers) (Archived)AnghellicKarma36/6 4:04PM
Blitzball High-Risk (Archived)Philcollins-96/6 7:55AM
So i'm youst mashing x to get that blitz match over with. (Archived)chaos_belmont106/4 1:43AM
Best to wait for Blitzball until after I get the Airship, right? (Archived)
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noimnoturdaddy296/3 9:52PM
Is the Butterfly catching in the Pal version actually harder? (Archived)
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Darkcloud20146/3 8:31AM
Describe your ultimate weapon (Archived)
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SharpCanine436/3 2:25AM
Been a while, some newb questions. (possible spoilers) (Archived)Nenjii96/2 8:09AM
Rank your Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters (Archived)IceP4246/1 7:13AM
What is Durren good at? (spoilers maybe?) (Archived)HH_King86/1 2:50AM
Seymour stole my 2 (possible spoilers) (Archived)
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SS_Phoenix929165/31 10:35PM
quick arena question???... *SPOILERS* (Archived)Machines_Of_Dog35/31 2:58PM
Slice! Gak! (possible spoilers) (Archived)zzanmato95/31 6:32AM
Looking for a certain fiend... Capture-related (Archived)
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SeeDStephen135/30 10:10PM
So, does this game get harder? (Archived)
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memphis12215/30 11:38AM
"Hey, Yuna, wanna come over to my place?" (Archived)HayanNinja95/30 12:35AM