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8 years ago#1
This game needs a sequel.

Every time I eat waffles now I think of this game.

When my first copy had the label on top of the disc lift off,making it unplayable,I found a new one at a Major Chain for $29.99,I snapped it up.

I am on the aircraft carrier trying to destroy all the planes,looking for just one more.

Anyone else finish it?
8 years ago#2

In my opinion, this game needs a good Wii sequel. :)

8 years ago#3
A sequel would be great. i bought this game years ago for mere $ 14,90 at www.therage.com and from the moment I put the disc on my Dc I couldn't stop playing it.

There are some bugs but none that prevents the game from going on. The worst I've had were the token one, that happens when you die just after picking a gold token. The token counter will not register the token but when you try to get it again it will be silver, like you have already took it before.
i had to play it twice to get all 2010 tokens - not an unwanted task, really. :

Someday the next great emigration will occur.
7 years ago#4
ive only played the demo =(
Currently addicted to Dreamcast
7 years ago#5
For realz

If I ever see a copy of this I'm snagging it up.

I used to play the demo and the concept of cute, fluffy animals obliterating each other is great!
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