how to beat the cradle?

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8 years ago#1

yea i know some of those lvls in that game were hard but the cradle is just plain ridiculous. i beat all the lvls in that game but when i got to the cradle it was like impossible. the only part of it i get to is the place with the machine guns on the cieling but after i destroy them i always end up gettin trapped in there by millions of bad guys. so yea i always end up getin killed at that point. ive tried and tried but like i said i always die at that point.

8 years ago#2
At the very beginning, DO NOT WATCH THE OPENING SCENES (Trevelyan or some baddy running and the Bond scenes). That'll move guys closer to you, and thats all they do the entire level, and if you get caught in that beginning area, it gets hard to get out safely.

After skipping the opening scenes, at your 7, there is armor, grab it. C-strafe up to the main part of the level, and guys should just be getting to the top of that ramp. Follow Trevelyan to the doors, destroy the first drone gun on the ceiling by standing behind a little lip in the railing towards the back of that platform (across from the stairs you come down from). Trevelyan is in here, he'll run through the back door, and drop a grenade (I think, I don't remember, its been a while). When you go through the door into the room, go to the left, and stay behind the generator thing. Destroy the computer and the drone gun in the back corner. Check the door you came through for baddies - They're not too far behind.

Once you've completed objective A, from here on its just shooting Trevelyan till he goes to the bottom of the Cradle. Shooting at Trevelyan when he is at the bottom shooting up at you isn't easy, it seems like you always take shots here. I dunno, but you may be able to go around and through the other building, and shoot at him on his level. When he runs up into either of the buildings from the back ramp, shoot at him from the ramp. When he runs to the top of the cradle (the circular part), stay on the short stair case by objective A, and shoot at him from the base. You can always see him from this spot when he is up there, and the only places he will go from up there around the circle, and down to the bottom rails. Whatever you do, do NOT give him a direct shot at you (anywhere). By staying behind the rails, you'll avoid much fire from him, and he does hurt. Also note he always drops a grenade when he starts to run. Either be quick about running over it, or wait for the explosion to go away (He won't come and shoot you in the bo-bo if you wait, but another guy might, so watch out for that).

When he drops to the bottom of the cradle, be quick about killing him, and avoid getting shot - he can push you off to your death, and if you both fall, he wins.

Hope that helps.
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8 years ago#3
The key is don't go down into the bottom part (the part where Trevelen runs after he shoots at you from the bottom of the ramp, and has the exit part in the middle) until you have to. When you shoot at him from the top of the ramp, he will run to the other side. Intercept him at the other building and he will do the same thing. Repeat until he is low on health and runs to the exit point ("finish the job James!"), then go down there and follow him. Should be easy from there.
8 years ago#4
OOO, thats exactly the one point I was saying to avoid.
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8 years ago#5
this movie was on today. its cool how similar they are
8 years ago#6
The level itself, yes. Movie converting to game, no... lol. Kinda had it entirely backward (Trevelyan getting to the Cradle before Bond, all the baddies swarming you instead of an epic melee fight, Trevelyan taking the fight to the bottom instead of Bond...) . but it worked out fine, I'd say. Only sorry I missed the movie.
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8 years ago#7
well yea most of the small details were off in that scene but most of the other scenes were almost exactly the same. well what i saw, i jumped at about the "Archives" part
8 years ago#8
Ahh, you can't have the game EXACTLY like the movie? I mean, where'd be the room for creative genius?
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8 years ago#9
Of course you could always do it the 'cheating way' (very useful to get the cheat if you are struggling)

Basically do it as W4D3 does it up until you see Trevelyan run through into the room with the drone guns and computer in it. Instead of following him, put your back up against the shed wall (the one that seperates you from Trevelyan) and just keep strafing left and right along it. Wait 20 seconds or so doing this and wIth any luck (happens around 75% of the time in my experience) Trevelyan will 'see' you (aka you are clipping through the wall) and throw a grenade at the wall that rebounds and kills him. From there enter the room, destroy the computer to complete objective A and then just exit the level by going down the ramp, heading to the nearby building....and falling down the ladder.
8 years ago#10
Do you get shot during this?
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