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7 years ago#1
I don't know about any of you, but I personally like reading lists like this. I'm going to put each level in order from my most favorite to least favorite and tell why. It's not specifically for one difficulty, though. Just in general, unless I specify otherwise.

1. Facility

This has been my favorite level since I was a kid. You can choose whether to play stealthy, or mow through the guards like nothing. I can't really think of how to explain why this level is fun, it's just so open ended. There are optional rooms to go into, and you can even have fun with the guards for as long as you like at the end, provided you didn't set off the mines yet. Then again, you might not survive, but oh well. In all, Facility is probably the level I've replayed most for fun. No, I haven't tried to get the Invincibility cheat yet, why do you ask? ;)

2. Train

I like the cover based shootout that this level provides. The watch laser is also fun to use, though it was a bit tedious for me as a kid trying to melt the bolts on the floor. Replaying the level, though, I have no idea why I often ran out of laser power during that part. Having to shoot Xenia was always very frustrating for me, until I recently learned that you could step inside of the room without Ouramov shooting Natalya. Man, it's like a puzzle spelling these people's names.

3. Dam

The first mission in the game has nearly every element found thoughout the game, except for explosives. There's stealth, automatics, a sniper rifle, and a painfully underused DD44. Seriously, I love the look and sound of that gun. Even the objectives span many of the objective elements in the game. There's a "planting" objective (Plant the Covert Modem on the hidden computer), an "activate the computer" objective (Backup the files), "destroy all of (object)" (Neutralize all alarms) and "exit the level" (As opposed to the automatic ending levels like Aztec and Egyptian).

4. Surface 1

I seem to have a thing for sniping. Or maybe it's just that I like any mission that starts with something other than just a PP7. Anyways, the guards here looked quite unique, so that's a plus. Well, unique from the others in the game. They all look exactly the same as each other. Plus enemies use snipers in this level, and if I remember right, they don't do that in any other level. The objectives are simple enough, as well. Only tricky thing for me was finding the safe key, but I do love the feeling of opening a safe and claiming its contents. Yes I'm weird.

5. Frigate

The only gun I might prefer the sound of over a DD44 is a Silenced D5K. I don't know why, but it just sounds cool. The hostage thing was pretty cool as well, being the only stage that actually revolves around hostages. Only gripe I have is the guards in the next room executing a hostage for no real reason that I can see (I killed all the guards in one room with a Silenced D5K before they had a chance to take a single shot, and for some reason a hostage in the next room over eats a bullet for it). Other than that, it's a pretty nice level. Diffusing bombs is easy, but playing on agent and shooting them instead is fun.

I'll post the rest some other time. This is harder than I first thought it'd be. Comments/etc?
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7 years ago#2

I'm fond of the dam. It's very hard to say which one's should be listed best to worst. It's even hard to like the dam significantly more than the other levels.

7 years ago#3

I was always a big fan of the Archives level... especially in multiplayer.

7 years ago#4
Interested to see which ones you rank as the worst.
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7 years ago#5
Top 3:
1. Frigate
2. Bunker 2
3. Facility

Bottom 3 (worst to not-as-bad)
1. Control (Dammit, Natalya, work faster!)
2. Train
3. Aztec
7 years ago#6

Isn't there a poll for this stuff so we can ask hundreds or thousands of people instead of only a few forum members? And if your favorite changes over the years then what was the point of this thread?

7 years ago#7
6. Silo

I'll admit, the level is quite repetetive, but I still had fun with it. I'm not a big fan of levels with overall time limits, however. And still I say it makes no sense that you have to plant explosives in a place that's about to self destruct anyways. Anyways, aside from some very minor traces in Bunker 1, this is the first level to feature cover based shootouts.

7. Bunker 2

I used to hate this level as a kid. Then again, I used to blaze the KF7 the entire time, too. When I started learning to use stealth instead, this level became fun. It may not come in until the end of the level, but double Silenced PP7s rock. It also gets a slight boost from my odd love of opening safes. Maybe it's the noise they make when they open? Anyways, this would've ranked higher if Natalya wasn't in it. I hate having to protect/wait for Natalya.

8. Statue

This level was pretty boring for me until after you meet Janus. I love the automatic shotgun, even though it feels a bit weak against the Janus troops. If only the level wasn't so easy to get lost in. I never was able to easily find my way around until I started trying for the target time, thus learning my way through the level. Speaking of target time, it's the only time for me that was very difficult, but fun at the same time.

9. Caverns

This level is fun. You start out with an automatic, which is always a plus for me. The doors are unique in your favor (Shred an enemy's chest while he's waiting for the door to open) and there are plenty of enemies to fight. I like how you can blow up boxes to get ammo (Love the part with the four lockers hiding the secret passage, where you can get around 150 bullets for the ZMG) and the humorous method of getting the double AR33s. Plus some nice sniping opportunities with the AR33 are in this level. Only thing I don't really like are the drone guns (I hate drone guns, by the way, no matter how easy they are to destroy) near the end, and the guards that come at you from behind with automatic shotguns at the end. Nowadays I usually dip out of there before the shotgunners arrive, but it used to frustrate me alot when I was younger.

10. Cradle

Plenty of automatic fighting going on here, and I found that chasing Trevelyan while pumping his back full of bullets was rather fun, though the Janus troops get frustrating after a while. The final showdown with Trev at the bottom is nice, though it is a bit short. Watching him fall off after you kill him is very satisfying. Plus the ending animation was quite funny when Bond leaped towards the helicopter and grabbed onto nothing. I forget how I did that. Slow Animation, maybe?
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Damn YouTube, they took off the episodes of Higurashi/Kai/Rei, and Umineko that I watched.
7 years ago#8
Bunker 2, I always leave Natalya in the cell until the end, after I eliminate all the guards in the bunker and blast the computer in the GoldenEye room that she goes to check, to speed her up.
7 years ago#9
Or Fast Animation on the Cradle helicopter thing (Bond goes flying off without it)
7 years ago#10
^I never knew that blowing up the computer would speed Natalya up. I found out during my PP7 only run through agent (Yes, I'm lame and did it on agent). Since it was PP7 only, I wasn't able to use slappers either except on the first guard where it's required.
Used to watch: Naruto, Ojamajo Doremi, BT Dokuro-chan, Higurashi/Kai
Damn YouTube, they took off the episodes of Higurashi/Kai/Rei, and Umineko that I watched.
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