Nissa R390 GT1 LM Race Car 97'

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After many years of playing this game and only having discovered how to actually get this car from Grand Valley 300Km in the way that your supposed to about four years ago, I'll reveal how to unlock it, the best car in the game with possibly the acception of the Escudo Pikes Peak, so that you guys won't have to continue on trying to get it in different objectives while still having no luck - then your just left with a thousand Suburu Imprezza Rally Cars.

Here's how you do it, in order.

1. Complete all events in the 80's sports car cup.

2. You will be awarded with the Nissan Skyline R30 Formular (some old Skyline race car from the 80's), and then, tune it up and add in all the parts that are available to you. Your horse power should then equal 591HP, which is exactly the same as the maximum your allowed to compete in the Apricot Hill 200Km endurance race.

3. Use the same car (Skyline R30 Formular) and complete the Apricot Hill 200Km Endurance race. Now you can see this is forming some pattern with the 591Hp for the car.

4. You will then be awarded with the Dodge Viper GTS-R instead of the crappy old Lancia Stratos which you would normally get.

5. Guess what, the Viper GTS-R has 691Hp, the SAME amount as the maximum entry to the Grand Valley 300Km endurance race. Enter that race in the Dodge Viper GTS-R itself and complete the 60 laps to win the one and only Nissan R390GT1 LM Race Car 1997.

PS: I hope you enjoy that, since I cannot find this information anywhere else. This is the only way to get both the Dodge Viper GTS-R and most of all: The R390 LM 1997 itself.

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I made an error, the Skyline R30 race car might not have 591Hp, but its still the only car that you can use for the 200Km endurance in Apricot Hill, just as the Dodge Viper GTS-R (which you win off Apricot Hill 200Km if you follow this pattern) is the only car that will get you the R390 LM on Grand Valley 300Km.

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There is no trick to it. The next time you try this method you will get the Impreza. PS the Ednasco is no match for the R390. Put 2 engines in the R390 and it would be fast too. Faster than the Ednasco.
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insert name posted...
There is no trick to it. The next time you try this method you will get the Impreza. PS the Ednasco is no match for the R390. Put 2 engines in the R390 and it would be fast too. Faster than the Ednasco.
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No you wouldn't get the Imprezza, not if you even did it again. I've tried this three times to confirm and have even called Gameline (Gamehelp - phone calls) to confirm it, you cannot win the R390 LM Race Car 97' without the Dodge Viper GTS-R. This is the only pattern, otherwise your just wasting your time.

I must have attempted Grand Valley 300Km about a good 10-20 times in the two years I played the game to get it, but had no luck.

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Guess what, you wasted money on a call to an amateur joke line. Why don't you try calling Polyphony instead, or better yet open the programming of the game itself and seeing that prize cars are truly random. I'll bet you my secret blue Esduco that you will get the Impreza if you try it a few more times. It's the only blue Esduco in the world, and only one GT2 game is allowed to have it. I got it by doing the Laguna Seca endurance with the Renault Espace F1 on a Friday the 13th while standing on my head wearing a hat backwards and singing a high F sharp throughout the entire race. I am the only person in the world who can sing while breathing in with my nose so that's how I did that. You shouldn't try this anyway because I already have the only blue Edusco. So do we have a deal?
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I'm serious, if what I'm saying really is a laughing joke, go elsewhere.

This isn't a joke, not for the PAL version anyway. The Espace F1 and the Escudo, I wouldn't care less about, I have both and like them, but I prefer the car that is related to this topic, if you have the PAL version, do this pattern before you criticise my facts, otherwise the laughing matter is you.

Like with cops, you can't go to a Police officer with some random story about a crime without proof, or sign an important contract without a witness and then the other person breaks it, you sue them at court, and they'll jus laugh you right outside.

-The Nissa R390GT1 Lm Race Car 97' (the black & red) can only be won using this pattern.

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Actually I have won both cars without doing your little pattern. The thing about random is, it can seem like a pattern sometimes. Random doesn't always mean different if you follow what I'm saying. You should try racing other cars before you say this is the ONLY way to do something. Cause you're wrong. E-scooby Foreverz Foo!
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