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4 years ago#1
Just thinking of what old games I can play from systems of past and this one still lookes brilliant

I mean I have all GT3 / 4 and 5 and for some reason I never got as much excitement from 4 and 5 than I did from 3

The only downside for me on 3 was that being a PAL gamer we never got a load of the F1 cars that the NA got
We only got the C***** Polyphony 001 and 002 which is naff compared to about the 6 or 8 the other Regions got

Thats the only gripe otherwise I still love this game and is still an old+all time great

What parts of the game do you guys still remember and think are amazing?
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4 years ago#2
I like the Rally Tracks
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4 years ago#3
everything. once I got into driving simulators, I could never enjoy another arcade-style racer again.
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4 years ago#4
They should have made at least 1 simulation race which involved Complexed String
Imagine a 50 or 100 lap Complex string endurance race?

Wow heavy
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4 years ago#5
that would be awesome. I'm really disappointed they didn't keep that course around for GT4
take care
4 years ago#6
There should have been races on Complex String to be sure. If there's one thing lacking in GT3 it's variety in courses in simulation mode. More tracks would've made a great game even better.

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