Escudo pikes peak version gear ratio reccomendation

#1baptizedwiccanPosted 1/30/2014 9:45:26 PM
This is what i came up with when i was messing around with the gears on the Escudo PPV.....Your final should be setting at 38......6th gear: 0.972.....5th gear: 1.098.....4th gear: 1.894.......3rg gear: 2.499........2nd gear: 2.891........1st gear: 3.700......Follow these settings and your escudo will do 380mph easy. You must purchase the stage 3 or whatever the fastest turbo kit you have available......your stabilizers should be 1 in the front and 3 in the back.......also purchase the full customize suspension,,,,,,but when you do your settings,,,,leave the front springs a little loose but tighter in the rear.......and leave your shock rebound loose in the rear but tighter in the front.....lots of people were complaining about the escudo not turning around tight corners,,,,,,this is true,,,if you dont know what your doing,,,,,with these gear settings and spring settings,,,your car will be looser,,,therefore the turning radius will be more open.....make sure most of your torque comes from the rear and less in the front....same as for dec torque.....and limited slips....i got 45 for the initial torque for the rear and about 15-20 for the front......VCD at 35% with the traction settings set to 0.....with tires,,,im using T-4 medium slicks on this bad boy,,,,you will have to pit less which is good. This will be in your tires section,,,but in Racing could use super soft,,,but you will go through a lot of tires,,,,which results in pitting more,,,,which results in you losing your place in the race....stay ahead of the game,,,,,,pit when your at least 15 to 20 seconds away from the second place car,,,or whichever place your in. Try these settings and i guarantee your escudo will handle the power and you can handle the performance of it better,,,,,,,let me know how you guys like it.