GTA 5 Animal Ark Stocks - Insane amount of money Invested

#1grotlerPosted 10/6/2013 7:25:55 PM
Hi all some minor spoilers may be below,

I returned the bike to the kid, twice actually, and later I got the message where he's giving me 100k in stocks in his firm.

I already have 1.4 billion on each character after doing Lester's assassination missions so the money didn't excite me much, but when I went online to check it out I apparently had 772 396 288$ invested!

And the return percentage is now -99.98% so if I sold them now I would lose 772 296 256$.

In my portfolio the stocks also show in both the LCN and the BAWSAQ Markets.

Have anyone encountered or heard something about anything like this?

I'm gonna leave it as is to see if I can't get some money out of it but It's weird that I got such a insane amount of invested money thou, a glitch because I already had so much money maybe?
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This is actually the board for the very first GTA game. I reckon you're looking for either the GTA Online or the GTA5 board rather than this one.
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Haha yh I didn't notice that :P

I posted in the answers section too but I'll make one in the right place.
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No worries - we could use an open topic here anyway...
Where logic won't work - I will
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