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7 years ago#1
okay, this is an aspect of the game that i have NEVER been good at and always fail to complete

i seriously dont know the first thing about it....

okay, you can only get gifts on your birthday, right?
and which season is the best for your birthday?
seems to me that there are 3 springs.... and are there 3 summers? i ferget.
so is spring or summer the best month to choose?

do any of the gifts the girls give you do anything?

and supposin they were friends enough with you to give you a gift, how... do you get it?
do they come to you?
do you have to go to them?

do other people know when its your birthday?

what are the rules for affection level?
if i have karen at pink and everyone else at yellow will i only get gifts from karen?

marriage affects the gift GETTING process; right?

if theres anything else you wanna throw out there please go ahead
"you shall shed tears of scarlet" ~vicious
7 years ago#2
You can only get one gift per year, and if you are married you will not receive a gift. Instead your wife will cook you dinner.

The girl with the highest affection will come to your house to give you a gift. That means that if Popuri is at a red heart and the rest are at yellow, Popuri will show up at your house to give you a gift.

I do not know the exact value, but I believe that you need to have at least green heart with the girl before she will give you a gift. Also note, that you can receive the same gift multiple times (if Ann is the one with the highest affection two years in a row, you will find yourself with a pair of socks). And, Maria may give one of two gifts. Either a painting, or a book. Depending on how high her affection is.

What the gifts do, if anything, is a bit of a mystery. After counting beans (and this could just be coincidence) I've noticed that Karen's good luck charm reduces the odds of bad weather (typhoons AND rain). The painting is a decoration in your house. Other than that, I'm not certain.
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7 years ago#3
so if i did the dog thing within the first week and got karen to go straight to pink heart....

then i pretty much cannot get any gifts besides the lucky charm...? x___X
"you shall shed tears of scarlet" ~vicious
7 years ago#4
Not unless you reduced her affection using weeds or something else she dislikes.

The dog glitch is for idiots anyway. If you use that (or any cheat) you greatly decrease your odds of seeing random events or receiving random dialogs. For example, when Karen talks about Cliff. That's not available once you get her past yellow.
I'm not going for the Nobel Peace Prize here. (16 Mar 09)
7 years ago#5
o_O !! Wow really, only one gift per year? D: So how high does Maria's rating have to be to get the Painting and not the Book? [I like house decorations. :3]

And yeah, I don't think Karen is as hard as most people say. You can find her working at the bar about 4 or 5 days out of 6. [Ballpark, I didn't actually keep track, mind you] I also could've sworn I was able to initiate her photo event at Yellow Heart before. I think I'll test this this run. If she doesn't come on the 7th at Yellow, I'll reset the day and use the dog glitch. :D !! In any case, I usually only use the dog glitch at the last minute in the event her rating isn't high enough by Fall 7th.
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