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6 years ago#1
has anyone played that one for ps? i always wanted to and came close to buying it once (regret not doin so) but my grandma thought ti was the same game as on n64 (was in high school back then) also what is the difference between the two?
6 years ago#2
Have you ever played Friends of Mineral Town on the Gameboy Advance? It's almost exactly the same game. It takes place in a new town with mostly the same characters that are in the 64 version. A few are added though, and the story's different. Try looking for some videos on YouTube to see what it's like.
6 years ago#3
i haven't played that game either never had any portable systems.thanks for the suggestion
6 years ago#4
Just to be clear, he means that Friends of Mineral Town is almost exactly the same game as Back to Nature, not Harvest Moon 64.
6 years ago#5
i figured he was talking about that game
5 years ago#6
Back to Nature is a new HM game that uses the cast from HM64. It takes some of the ideas and makes them more elaborate, like now there's a chicken festival and a sheep festival.

HM64 is actually Harvest Moon 2, the sequel to the SNES game. BTN is kind of like a really strange "remix" of the 64 game that has nothing to do with the time-line. Friends of Mineral Town on the GBA is actually a handheld remake of BTN.
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5 years ago#7
Back to Nature is a new HM game?! Holy balls I'm in a time warp!
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5 years ago#8
sounds like btn is kind of better
5 years ago#9
When it comes to which is better, it's all a matter of opinion. On a 64 board, you're going to get some biased opinions...

I prefer 64 over BTN. I feel like the controls and the way the camera is set up are very awkward in BTN; however, they made it a lot easier to take items out of your rucksack and switch tools. The loading times made me want to pull my hair out, but that's the difference between discs and cartridges. They do add quite a bit of features to BTN, but I felt like they got the formula right in 64 as far as difficulty and story, and they've gone downhill ever since with every iteration.

The debate over 64 and BTN has gone on for a while, since they're both arguably the fan favorites. You can pick up a copy off Amazon for about $30 if you don't mind it used. If you haven't, I still say check out some videos to see if it piques your interest.
5 years ago#10
yeah i don't like the newer hm games, i think 30 used is a bit much so i'm just waiting for btn to be on psone classic in feb... why is that game so damn expensive? any hm has my interest thinking about picking up a wii just for the hm games and the spin offs... hm64 is my all time favorite hm game
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