Eaiser way to get Lumber?

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5 years ago#1
there just doesnt seem to be enough stumps in the mountains...can I like buy lumber anywhere?
5 years ago#2
No, you cannot buy lumber. The stumps re-appear after you go to sleep for the night.

You can also win the Sea Festival on Summer 24th. The first time you get an Invincible Katori item, but the following years you will gain tons of lumber from winning that.
5 years ago#3
yeah I know them come back, it just still seems like so little

and now they built Hot Springs and took away 3 of my usual stumps
5 years ago#4
Yeah it sucks when they take away those stumps. Just hit up all the screens every day.. fisherman's tent.. carpenter's house... forest with the goddess pond.
5 years ago#5
You can buy 250 lumber for a few hundred(?) medals at the dog races
5 years ago#6
If you chopped all of those stumps every day before the hot springs starts you would have gathered like 4000 lumber by then. Just saying.
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5 years ago#7
Indeed... the dog race in winter. The only prize you can exchange medals for infinitely after you have all of the unique prizes from both the horse and dog race events. 500 medals for 500 pieces of lumber. This is quite an amazing deal!
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