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Get back here now! ;) (Archived)CMasterInity25/31 7:07AM
Klarrgas Code (Converted from UK) and Code Conversions (Archived)sonicfan789633/20 10:29PM
Question to anyone who enjoyed this game (Archived)ShackShack21/14 8:42AM
I'm replaying this game... (Archived)PrinceofLight99612/5 5:00PM
ATTN: Naali (Archived)jim_reaper9529/22 7:08AM
I know board is dead, but what are, and how to get, the 4 special minions? (Archived)RonCarrProject38/5 6:46AM
Kalma = Karma? (Archived)LancetJades53/24/2014
enable the all key items to bypass all gates (Archived)treizefact312/12/2013
I am astounded. (Archived)AllanScotti912/5/2013
Wow... just got an Autumn Moon... and the game promptly crashed. (Archived)
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Seems like a lot of ground has been covered since I last played this game. (Archived)
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Minion Merger Help (Archived)knightblazer85711/16/2013
A Strange Glitch in the last 2 copies i've bought (Archived)knightblazer85511/6/2013
Question about the Netherworld Forests (Archived)knightblazer85310/16/2013
Missables? (Archived)CrimsonCerberus410/2/2013
palooja (Archived)Yuzurika28/22/2013
question about status effects (Archived)
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Questions about Hacking (Archived)sonicfan789616/30/2013
If you could have any three minions... (Archived)sonicfan789616/25/2013
Anybody still play this game? (Archived)7zil96/8/2013
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