Simple FAQ

#1tsaobeiPosted 12/8/2012 5:19:51 AM
Ok so went back to playing this from scratch: use with the East your lancers as blockers for rifle arrow and cannon attacks. Artillery is great against every unit. Ballista best against cavalry. Pincer adds more Barrage. Wedge adds more volley. Lancers and Ninja are the best. Spearmen are Anti horse because when they form a wall it stops any unit from easily advancing. If footmen surround Lancers it will work but starts out some of your footmen from various uhits will lose ground even though there are more of them then lancers and Ninja trump all but only Ieyasu gets the most Ninja: like 8 or 9 thousand if you make the units all ninja. Last Lancers are in the West too and the Lancers work as mobile devastating shields for footmen and charge carefully so your lancers don't get surrounded aand raid if you can after Ishida or Ieyasu rally a unit to keep them from using special/zeal
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