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a few notes and rants on King's Field 1
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Conspiracies, Spoilers, and more.... (Archived)Xethuminra38/1 8:31AM
Crystal Flask Locations (Archived)Risusama77/26 1:20PM
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Clarification about Groundal Blade drop, also Sword Magic Lvl 2 likely missable (Archived)
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What is Sword Magic 2? (Archived)
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Playing this on VITA? (Archived)blizzardrg32/1 5:43PM
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Speedrun Glitch on Youtube, Get Triple fang early (Archived)
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How many Crystal Flasks does Ed sell? (Archived)Foxhound385764/27/2013
Doesn't it seem like there's more to Triple Fang than is said? (Archived)The moonlight knight54/18/2013
Still the best first person RPG game. (Archived)blizzardrg210/17/2012
Someone explain Sword Magic to me (Archived)
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