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5 years ago#1
I love Edward's dialogue the most. He is one of the best all around characters in any game and I found myself in agreement with a lot of his dialogue.. I definitely felt for James and his ordeal but Edward was the closest to video game character to me in real life. I stand tall when in danger and am not afraid to say what I believe, that doesn't mean I would shut you down and force you to see my way, but I would say something and then hear the other person side and of course decide from there.

I really liked Edward's character because I always made him the tank. I always bare-fist'D it and then watch him combo the heck out of the enemy. Most of the time the enemy died before every one got a second turn.

I also like how you don't grind in this game. That to me is a huge pet peeve... a good example is Arc the Lad 2. I got up to the end boss at level 99, I needed to be at least level 140 to even stand a chance.. seriously that is just ridiculous. Going back to Koudelka, it is friggin sweet and you can thoroughly enjoy the story without long bouts of grinding.
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5 years ago#2
I like that scene where Edward and James had that discussion about poetry and Edward shows he has a love and knowledge of literature and isn't just a thug, despite his actions against the thief. And of course the drinking scene with Koudelka. And using him in battle always in the front to protect K and soaking up the physical damage.

I'm partial to tanks. Currently playing Metal Max 2 Reloaded and have acquired 10 of them!
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5 years ago#3
I liked Edward the most. Although it's been a long time since I have played K. I didn't really find any of the scenes memorable, except maybe the ending where K and E "spent the night together".

It was slight disappointment that given the ending of SH1, there were no cameos from either of the characters (Edward, Koudelka, Halley) in SHFTNW. Missed opportunity!!!
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5 years ago#4
I tend to play Koudelka every year at least once. I just love the music, atmosphere, and of course the dark setting; this game never gets old to me. The most memorable scene was probably the drinking scene for me or the one with James and ???(SPOILER don't want to mention her name) that really yanked at my hearts strings. As a guy I could totally see where James was coming from and to deal with an overwhelming history like that is life shattering.

I wish they would make a more mature dark game like this. I am so tired of the cookie cutter/happy go lucky RPGs with no real substance to hold my attention. Sure I enjoy a good RPG but I want something like Koudelka for the PS3. Thats why I always supported Shadow hearts, I just love the battle system, the characters, the locations, but it sucks now since Nautilus is gone. I want my Shadow hearts... if I ever win the lotto I will bring the series back to life!
"There is wife assisted suicide. Get married and every day you die a little more" -teltec
5 years ago#5
Oh-ho, new topic! Been years since i've played Koudelka, but even i call recall what a great character he was.

More gaming on Revelations lately. Not easy, though.

Looking forward to getting Trine 2 when it's released on PSN (there's been a delay with the EU release!). LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one, so eagerly anticipating the second. Me & my mates really enjoyed playing the first one together.

Plus, i downloaded the PSN demo for Final Fantasy XIII-2; it's quite enjoyable. I really didn't enjoy how messy the battles were in FFXIII, characters running all over the place, huge explosions and ridiculously large numbers springing up as battle damage; it's like a Tranformers episode for people with ADD. Unfortunately, the battles remain just as messy for the sequel.
The story premise seems a tad weak.
Also really not fussed about the monster assistants in battles - it's all a little too Pokemon.
However, it looks gorgeous and the environment is engrossing. I'm still undecided whether to get it on release or not.
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5 years ago#6
I plan to get Trine 2 too. And I played the FF demo. Was annoyed that you couldn't save progress at all. I got a fair way and stopped and then would have to restart. I liked the setting, reminded me a bit of Resonance of Fate at the start, and I always like having monster recruits, but I agree about the messy feel of the battle system. Doubt I'll buy it.

I'm nearing the end of Metal Max 2 Reloaded. Just working to get the last tank (12/12!) but I've missed tons of missions and items although have defeated most of the Wanted monsters so that's not bad going for a game in Japanese. Some wonderful people on the game's board have been generous with their help. ^_^
"As for threetimes, yep, she is a badass mofo faq maker." - ignasia7
5 years ago#7
Did you play Final Fantasy XIII, threetimes?
Yeh, with regards to the saving, i thought you COULD save in the demo and i just hadn't worked out how, so i was forced to keep playing well into the night.

Hey, so what about a best game of 2011 from everyone?
I'm going for Assassin's Creed Revelations (PS3). There's a lot of stuff they did wrong with this sequel, the team made more mistakes than they should have. BUT the amount of enjoyment i get from the game's multiplayer just outweighs it. Love that online multiplayer! On top of that, the characters in story mode are some of strongest, most believable characters in a video game.
Close runners-up: Batman Arkham City, Dead Nation (though i believe it may have been released in 2010, i'm not sure, i only got it in 2011) and Mortal Kombat all on PS3.
Nothing. Crazy talk. Head trauma.
5 years ago#8
Super Mario 3D Land would be my game of the year. It is a great game, and there are some nice surprises once the game is beaten that increases the play value.

I am playing through Blood Wake for the original X-Box, and it is not a bad game so far. The controls definitely could have been better along with the physics.
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5 years ago#9
I just finished Final Fantasy (origins version) and went back to Magna Carta: Tears from loading... err.. I mean tears of blood.
"There is wife assisted suicide. Get married and every day you die a little more" -teltec
5 years ago#10
No I didn't play FF XIII. And I didn't finish FF XII either, despite buying it with great anticipation.

Best game for 2011 was Alice Madness Returns. I loved that game, and it was a rare platinum for me. Wonderful design, cool floaty platforming and disturbing story, well told with a nice touch of humour.

So...Ace, how about the new season of DH? I caught up with the first two episodes last night, and at first I was underwhelmed. I just didn't want that kind of story, covering up a murder, yet in the second episode things picked up and I thought it was very clever examining the inevitable toll on everyone of keeping such a secret. Susan's reaction was especially funny and so believable.
"As for threetimes, yep, she is a badass mofo faq maker." - ignasia7
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