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3 years ago#301
Playing Pokemon Y. Making very slow progress. EV training all my mons before i use them lol.
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3 years ago#302
Not posted in a couple of months, so figured I should nip in and catch up, even though I've barely played any games lately. Made no progress on completing Resident Evil 6 and decided i'm definitely not gonna bother with Batman Arkham Origins (which I think comes out next week?). I'm just not in the mood for it, plus i'm really not on board for a prequel or the online multiplayer that, in my eyes, doesn't suit this game.
Still not decided about Assassin's Creed IV (which comes out in a couple of weeks) - on one hand, I love the series and I miss playing the awesome online multiplayer; on the other hand, I doubt i'll be out of this gaming slump by then and i'm really not interested in the sailing aspect that was introduced in ACIII and seems to be an even more prominent feature in this game....

Aya, how can you criticise Alice for being one-dimensional and then show such heavy praise for Mrs Slokum? It's the exact same thing - you know every line she gives will be funny and pompous in the same way Alice's will be funny and dumb. And that's not me dissing mrs Slokum - I've seen a fair few episodes of Are You Being Served and there's no question she was the best character in it! Hilarious!
And i can appreciate different people liking different singing voices, so each to their own when it comes to preferring one Girls Aloud vocal over another, but Kimberley's not fat. Full stop. :P

Shadow, are you getting the full FFXIV game?

Mac, how are you finding Suikoden IV? It was my least favourite of the 4 Suikodens I've played (never played III), but I reckon I miss Suikoden games so much, i'd be quite happy to give it another whirl sometime. :(
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3 years ago#303
To be honest, it feels bare.

Most of the things happen when you change members and go back to the same location(there aren't that many). So it feels almost lifeless and the 107 stars of destiny are pretty pointless and jammed in there.

The combat is a lot better than 3 but nothing really more.

My only gripe is this game will give you a game over screen if you choose the wrong option during a major cutscene.
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3 years ago#304
My latest review should be up soon. It is for an awful 3DS game called The Trash Pack.

Been playing Legend of Zelda: Spirit Track, and I am finally at the end however I have a few annoying side quests left to do. This game is awful. The control kill this game badly.

Also started King's Field: The Ancient City again, and this game blows. I love King's Field, but this game is shoddy. The series can be tough but TAC is more cheap instead of challenging.
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3 years ago#305
I'm a fan of Suikoden series so I find it's strange you find the combat of S4 to be good. Actually, the battle system is way too simple that it reminds me of the first suikoden on ps1.

The only thing that make S4 superior to other entries is arguably graphics. Its short and shallow story, along with many other flaws caused rage among suiko fans.

To be honest, I think S3 has the deepest combat system and that's the reason why I love that game the most among all suikodens even though its story and game pace is worse than S2 and S5.
3 years ago#306
I disliked the combat in part 3 punkaiser, and actually prefer the first two compared to 3 and 4.

I didn't rage that hard playing this game. I thought it was decent but didn't like how bare the ocean seemed and how I had to change teammates to find new things. I mean it should go hand in hand but it felt like a chore to do. Other than that it was okay.

What are you thoughts about the DS Suikoden Punkaiser? I've been curious.
"There is wife assisted suicide. Get married and every day you die a little more" -teltec
3 years ago#307
It's alright, I know S3 system has kind of a very strong flavour, like a really smelly cheese so not everyone could enjoy. The 3 jrpgs I love the most : Suikoden 3, the last remnants and arc rise fantasia have a lot of anti-fans.

Suikoden tierkreis on DS? suikoden community hate this game a lot because it's a spin-off that's totally not related to the main series, except for the concept of 108 heroes.

-Story involves much less of politics but more of religions. Traditional plot of a group freeing the world from being mind slaved.
-The diversity of characters is good, many of them have interesting background story.
-VA is bad though, the protagonist seems to shout all the time he speaks.
-Gameplay is traditional jrpg too, quite different to main series though, and instead of minigames, Tierkreis offers something very similar to guild quests (and some special quests for wifi users as well)

Personally think this game is ok as a jrpg, not something so great, but definitely not bad at all according to handheld standards.
3 years ago#308
Sounds good to me. I'll probably pick it up. Like the series for some odd reason like you basically said bad meat or good cheese. I enjoy it but dislike it at times, but like it again and then finish it. Weird, I know.
"There is wife assisted suicide. Get married and every day you die a little more" -teltec
3 years ago#309
Really enjoying Pokemon Y but making very slow progress.

You're right Ace, Mrs Slokum is quite one dimensional. I guess it depends what sort of characters you enjoy. For example, most people kind Patsy from Ab Fab's antics funny, but i much prefer Eddie's inane ranting. I just think the dumb archetype is not very sophisticated.

Mac, ill give you a tip. If you play Suikoden Tactics, you will appreciate both it and Suikoden 4 more. It does things with S4 characters that S4 should have done.

I agree that S3 is the best in the series. I love the skill system. You're really encouraged to play to each characters strengths and if you invest in the right skills, it makes everyone good.
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3 years ago#310
Thanks Aya and I will see if I can grab a copy.

I just found out my wife ordered me Dragon Quest 6 for the DS so yay!

Also working on another story... so I don't know how I can keep up with these games.
"There is wife assisted suicide. Get married and every day you die a little more" -teltec
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