Wonderful, wonderful game!

#1DeusMortemPosted 10/11/2013 3:03:02 PM
Played Shadow Hearts many years ago, and some weeks ago finally had the chance to start playing through the second one. It was a fantastic game, more or less on par with its predecessor. After having beaten it people recommended I'd play the third game, but I decided not to seeing as everyone says it lacks the serious tone of the other games. However, Koudelka was also mentioned (with rather mixed opinions, IIRC), so I tried it out instead ... and God, was that the right thing to do? Brilliant game -- one of the most unique ones I have ever played! Everything, more or less, is great about it: the setting, the characters (I mean ... a misanthropic prostitute psychic -- how common is that?) , the voice acting and manuscript ... and a lot of the puzzles (though they are on the easy side mostly). Some people complain a lot about the battle system, and while they have indeed dealt with the grid system in a very peculiar way, I actually like it! For instance, it's cool how if you up the vitality of one character a lot but leave the others more fragile (but stronger) to have a tank taking all the damage, you have to consider the fact that if the character dies it won't be able to be resurrected (since the character will usually be parallel with the enemy then)! Yeah, okay, the downside of the game was that spells are overpowered and that battles in general are way too easy, but unfortunately that goes for most games. Koudelka is a fantastic game that everyone with some artistic sense needs to play through! :)
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#2threetimesPosted 10/12/2013 1:11:42 AM
Thanks for posting here. I'm a fan of this game (and the series) too and it's nice to know that Koudelka hasn't lost its appeal. I also played it after SH and SHC and it was good to have the back story to Roger and Nementon as well. :)