Strange crash/soft lock with this game.

#1darklaithPosted 1/31/2010 2:19:28 AM
I'm experiencing an odd problem near the end of the game--specifically, right after the cutscene in Moebius's cave, near the flaming pot/brazier thing.

Right after Raziel narrates the line "I sensed that Kain was here... and at that moment, I would have plumbed the depths of hell to find him."
The cutscene ends, about as I would expect, and everything on the screen seems normal--the music's still going, Raziel's doing his idle standing animation, the flames on the pot and the wavy effect of the Soul Reaver is all still going--nothing has literally frozen.

However, as soon as I reach this point, the controls pretty much cease responding entirely. The joystick, the D-pad, and all the buttons do nothing. The only thing I have been able to get the controller to do once I hit this point is the Dreamcast's "reset" function (A, B, X, Y, and Start all at once).

From numerous tests, it doesn't appear that I'm doing anything to cause the soft lock--it happens every single time. The only different result I was able to get was entering the little room while in the Spectral plane, and that of course doesn't trigger the cutscene at all, nor does it allow any way to proceed further through the game.

I bought this game from a used game store quite a while ago, so I made sure to check and see if the the disc is all right, and it's pretty much fine--no visible scratches or anything like that. There are a few *very* light, faint scuff marks, but those are small and shouldn't mean much. I have discs that have far more visible damage which work just fine, so I'm guessing it's not a disc-damage problem.

Has anyone ever encountered anything like this? I can't seem to prevent it from happening, and it's preventing me from completing the game...