Setting up my part ( up to disk 2 SPOILER )

#1ZidaneXXPosted 6/23/2012 7:17:33 PM
i've beaten the game before using Dart, Rose, and Hashel, this time through i'm trying to use albert instead of rose. what i have seen is that it has is pros and cons, albert can cast his blossom storm to reduce damage for 3 turns, but rose has her astral drain (not super effective but it helps), and albert is really slow and seems like every monster wants to attack only him. what do you think about using albert instead of rose? (i may bring rose back and switch out hashel instead)
#2NetMafiaGospelPosted 6/23/2012 7:25:20 PM
Personally, I think that Rose/Albert is a good team. That was the team I used first time beating the game, and it worked pretty damn well. Yeah Rose's Astral Drain was kinda poor health recovery wise, but that's we got items for eh?

Plus, rose storm is really good. Saved my a** against a certain boss in disk two (The last boss of the chapter)
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#3Alpha2099Posted 6/23/2012 7:33:13 PM
I have done the Albert/Haschel combination before. It's lacking in the magic department, but they make up for it with good physical attacks. You'll want to make sure Albert can get his speed up, and there are enough items to help with that. As long as you keep an eye on how many lumps he's taking, you should be fine.
#4Trixz11Posted 6/24/2012 1:57:32 PM
With Albert and Haschel, you'll seldom want to go Dragoon unless you're doing Rose Storm.

Together, they are physical attacking monsters.
#5Demonic_EssencePosted 6/24/2012 3:35:02 PM
Haschels magic is beastly if you arent anal about it being all single hitters.
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#6LadysoalluringPosted 6/25/2012 9:17:37 AM(edited)
I agree with Demonic =) Fun fact Haschel actually has the potential to wind up with the third best dragoon magic in the game (offensively) after DC Dart and Meru.

Ironically Sharanda after dominating the magic field (along with Meru) through out the game winds up fourth place in dragoon magics. Still a bit surprised by the way this worked out but yeah the data's all there in pika's FAQ =)
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