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3 years ago#1
I know there is a good spreadsheet on drops and steals, but it looks like all the ones on the list are one time only bosses. Is there any that are normal enemies?
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3 years ago#2
Might be something in the FAQ's. Off the top of my head, you can get various Stat Waters in the late game. Get the Bronze Book from Dr. Usha's lab and the two Evil God Icons (one for coins in Sol and the other in the Floating Castle).

You can get Waters from the enemies at Mt. Dhini, Floating Castle, and in Conkram and such.
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3 years ago#3
Looking at it, it appears they are finite as well are the Honey item. Mostly just looking for ways to increase AGL, since there aren't any farmable ways to increase it I have resorted to controlled level ups using rng save manipulation to get the highest possible AGL from each level. I've also concluded after doing several hundred times the either +5 per level up is either the rarest thing in video game history or you just can't get it for AGL at low levels, so I've been settling on +4.
You don't have to be sober to beat the system.
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3 years ago#4
Can also increase your agility by 20% with the vitality ring that the kiosk owner gives you after the floating castle is destroyed - provided you left money in the kiosk when the mist was there, of course.
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3 years ago#5
The Green Head enemies (forgot their name) in the Floating Castle have Swift Waters that can be stolen.
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3 years ago#6
Depends where your at in the game. Have Evil God Icons, and Bronze Books equiped from Dr. Usha's Research Center.
Mt. Dhini. Fight Ironman. Drops Life Waters, plus you can steal Power Waters from them to. Go to Final Dungeon/Bio Castle/Juggernaut and go to the room where everyone is at, walk atound in there. First you will fight LV. 3 Spoon. Walk around again. Second battle. LV. 3 Barra, which you can steal Guardian Waters from. Either in the Sebecus Islands, (While outside of any places) or in Karisto Kingdom. But anyway Speed Wolf, you can either steal Swift Waters, or he drops them. I'll PM you a list of non-boss Item Drop/Steal List. Or you can go here.


Click on one of the Monsters section. Item Drop/Steal List for Seru, and Non-Seru. It doesn't include any boss Steal/Drop Item Lists, plus it tells you the locations of each enemy. Tell me which your going to do.

So here is an overview...

Name: Barra LVL. 3

Location: Final Dungeon/Bio CaStle/Juggernaut (Same thing)

Drops: Magic Fruit

Steal: Guardian Water

Note: This is only LVL. 3 Barra. LVL. 2 amd LVL. 1 drop/steal entirely different items.

Name: Speed Wolf

Found: Sebsecus Islands (or Karisto Kingdom, can't remember)

Drops: Swift Water

Steals: Swift Water (either drops it or you have to steal it, or both)

Name: Ironman

Found: Mt. Dhini

Drops: Power Water

Steal: Life Water

I know that Speed determines who go's first in terms of order of attacks in battle, but I have a theory that Speed does more than that. The more Speed, the better chance of escaping battle, and it might determine how often you steal items. I theorized this because I noticed Gala, who has the least amount of speed, rarely ever steals items. Vahn, who has a little more speed, steals a bit more often. Noa, she is really fast in terms of Speed, steals items more often than Vahn and Gala.

Yes. I know. Some of this is obvious. But, I'll say it anyway. Go to the Gate of Shadows. Don't enter the flower thing. Instead, walk along the right side of the grass barrier and move up untill you get to the very end, where the corner of the grass barrier is. You'll notice a hidden path, it's very short, but when Vahn reaches the end, press the X button for a Miracle Water which increases all stays by 4. Except HP, which get increased by 16. Move Vahn along the edge. Also, at the Gate of Shadows, if you mess up with the stones, you have to fight Gold Face. Of course you may not have got the Evil God Icon yet if your at that point. But you can steal Miracle Waters!!! Which will really help in the long run. Make sure your powerful enough to face them, otherwise you'll regret it. They are pretty hard at that point in the game.
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3 years ago#7
I'm sure it does factor in some into the stealing mechanics, but I'm also sure it's much more complex then just that. Just past level 15 with Gala and using no waters on him at all he just reach 145 AGL, it was at this level up that he got his first +5. Despite the fact that every level before I keep adjusting my savestates keeping the highest possible growths out of over a dozen attempts the highest before an any of the three characters has always +4. So now I know it is indeed possible, I will not spend thirty minutes to and hour redoing the final 30 seconds of a fight over and over again slightly taking more time to begin the round trying to get +5 through RNG manipulation. That's just insane, I will hit the minimum needed to have 9 slots on my bar very quickly with just plus four for every level.
You don't have to be sober to beat the system.
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