Stolen sword! HELP!

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User Info: aari_thariinye

8 years ago#1
Ok I was trying to kill that bird that circles around in front of the Milk Road and the darn thing swooped down and stole my Gilded Sword! Now I can't find it! What do I do!?!?!?!

User Info: TyVulpine

8 years ago#2
Go to the Curiousity Shop and buy it back (you might have to wait until Night of the Final Day, but it will appear there).

User Info: Cirevam

8 years ago#3
You don't have to wait until the final day, just buy it back after 10:00 at night at the Curiosity Shop. Alternatively, you could just reset time and it'll go back into your inventory.
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User Info: maruku_san

8 years ago#4
I remember when that ****ing bird stole my sword! I was just mucking around with it when I didn't know what it could do. Suddenly after it hit me Tatl was all like "It stole your sword!" and I could see my sword clutched in it's talons as it flew away. I just sat there and said "What the ****?"

I later bought it back from the Curiosity Shop. After I did I payed that bird another visit...
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User Info: ItalianAssassin

8 years ago#5
That bird stole my virginity! *sniff sniff*
And the worst part is... I COULDN'T BUY IT BACK!
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User Info: vampragonlord

8 years ago#6
play the song of time. all will be better after much drunken spinning
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User Info: DeathInTheEyes

8 years ago#7
All will be solved if you have the Blast Mask and a shield.

Just hold..I think it's R, to have your shield out, and use your blast mask when the damn thing gets close! Might take a little bit, but go for it.
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