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8 years ago#1
I'm wondering about them. I think they're pretty cool, but others would beg to differ. Some people say that Lizarflos are cooler, but I disagree. How can anybody say that iguana-men are better than raptor-men?

In Ocarina of Time, Dinoflos made 2 appearances in the game. That's right, 2. Note that one of these encounters was optional. Do I detect some racial prejudice here? I mean, Lizarflos get about 4 appearances, which I think is pretty unfair. Like I said, Dinoflos are raptor-men, in contrast to lame iguana-men. Remember that raptors>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>all (especially iguanas.)

In Majora's Mask, Dinoflos were pretty cool guys. Just imagine a raptor-man that wore badass armour and could breath fire. Apparently Lizarflos weren't cool enough to make an appearance in the game. I guess the awesome new Dinoflos just took one look at them and said, "get the hell out of here, stupid iguanas." I mean, that's pretty racist, but still, I guess that they didn't want those damn lizard-men taking the spotlight again.

Again, in Twilight Princess, Dinoflos were still cooler than Lizarflos (notice the trend). The Lizarflos were pretty weak, and didn't wear much armour. Some tried to compensate by wearing skulls, but it still wasn't enough. They made pretty bad puns as well that weren't at all funny. The Dinoflos, on the other hand, wore shiny armour and were pretty good fighters. They didn't take **** from anyone (except Link.)

Dinoflos are cooler than Lizarflos, yet Nintendo is racist and always puts more Lizarflos than Dinoflos in the big, hyped up, succesful games. Majora's Mask, the only game where Dinoflos are given some real attention, is always overshadowed by the others. Therefore I believe that the success of a Zelda game is owed entirely to the ratio of the number of Lizarflos to the number of Dinoflos that appear in it. (Note that Wind Waker was hated by a lot of Zelda fans. This, I believe, is due to the fact that no Lizarflos OR Dinoflos appear in the game.)
8 years ago#2
Who cares?

8 years ago#3
8 years ago#4
Wait a second, there are different types of walking reptiles???
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8 years ago#5
It's Dinalfos, BTW.
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8 years ago#6
I like the way I spell it better.
8 years ago#7
Actually it's Dinolfos, and Lizalfos while we're at it.
8 years ago#8
I like the way I spell it better.

At the end of the day, you're still wrong. So am I, too, according to the other guy. I'm pretty sure it's with an 'a' though.
Call me Ultra. Disregard the "Vaidd" part.
In one life, in one minute, everything will change your spirit.
8 years ago#9
...racism against Dinolfos...
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8 years ago#10
It just makes me sick.

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