where is dins fire?!?!?!?!?!!

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  3. where is dins fire?!?!?!?!?!!
8 years ago#1
I'm at the shadow temp and i need dins!! where can i find it?
8 years ago#2
Ok when Child Link go to the Castle of Hyrule remember that boulder blow it up with the bombs.
8 years ago#3
thanks : )
8 years ago#4
then, you have to go back there as a grownup with the gold gauntlets to get increased defense.
8 years ago#5
wheers Nayrus Love?
8 years ago#6
wheers Nayrus Love?

By the Spirit temple there is a crack on the wall to right side of desert collseus and blow it up and then you'll get it.
8 years ago#7
u bomb a crack in the wall b4 spirit temple
u cant miss it its got two palm trees nxt to it
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8 years ago#8
is this afteer you go through the Haunted Wasteland? How do you get between flags anyways?
8 years ago#9
If your having trouble walking through the first half, you can use the longshot to move between flags. (I think) For the second part use the lens of truth on top of the building and follow the Poe.
8 years ago#10
You just need to walk straight toward the flags, use the Z-button.
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  3. where is dins fire?!?!?!?!?!!

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