biggoron not on top of death mountain

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so i can't get the prescription card.

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You have to be an adult. Just look around more if you are one.
That's not what he said guys. He called everyone poopyheads. I saw it.
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#3CaJiN_KiDd15(Topic Creator)Posted 10/13/2008 4:02:48 PM
I am an adult, and Biggoron is definitely not on top of death mountain. he's in the same place he is when your a kid, and he keeps wanting to sell me the giant's knife that breaks when you use it a lot.
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-.- that would be then MEDI-goron. The BIGgoron is on top of the mountain. Go to the top of the mountain and on the side opposite of the great fairy's fountain there is a GIANT goron that comes up from the side of the mountain.
That's not what he said guys. He called everyone poopyheads. I saw it.
~ jukester
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ah. i see, thank you.
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You're at the wrong place then. You actually have to go on top of death mountain, not in the goron city. On your way up to the city, you'll see a series of rocks that can be destroyed, they are blocking a path upwards. Then you proceed up a long path, being bombarded by rocks from the volcano. You then climb, and you're on top of death mountain. The real biggoron is much bigger than the one that gives you the giants knife. Be prepared for a long side-quest. If you still can't find it, youtube is a fine solution.
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#8Aeres116699Posted 10/13/2008 4:08:47 PM
The Goron you're talking about is Medigoron. Biggoron is on the summit of Death Mountain, next to the Great Fairy Fountain. Biggoron is kinda hiding behind some rocks on the summit, so in order for him to appear (assuming you climbed up the mountain and are facing the entrance to the crater), you need to walk right. Once near the right wall, he should pop out.
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I was about to make fun of the fact that three people gave basically the same advice after each other, but then looking at their post times I guess it's possible they might not have realized the people before them posting.