how much is the gold cartiridge worth

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User Info: 4987

7 years ago#1
i would like to know

User Info: BruceToast

7 years ago#2
A lot.

User Info: Jason697

7 years ago#3
Less than the gray cartridge. I **** you not. The gold cart is much, much more common than the gray one, and the gray ones are pretty rare. Most OOT carts were gold, with only a rare few being gray.
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User Info: GrabASnickers

7 years ago#4
Actually, not much. Well, it depends on whether or not you have it sealed or complete, both of which I highly doubt you do. Just looking on eBay, there is one completely sealed that goes for $350, but I wouldn't doubt that's grossly overpricing it. There is one unsealed but complete for $150, but I think that's overdoing it as well since the other complete ones listed are about $50 at most, which isn't much when considering that's about how much it originally cost to get the game new. The cartridges alone seem to go anywhere from about $10-$40.
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User Info: hotdixie

7 years ago#5
Gray cartridges are rare? I HAS ONE

User Info: Tha_Degenerator

7 years ago#6
LOL, Gold cartridges were only sold for a few weeks as a limited edition.
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User Info: FredMcSteve

7 years ago#7
I have a gold cart. Picked it up at GameStop about 8 years ago for $9 LOL
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User Info: DaniMakesItRain

7 years ago#8
my cousin has an old video game store, and when she gets her hands on a gold edition [which is rare] she sells them for 30 dollars, i think. which sounds right to me, because ive been to other video stores that have sold the gray cartridge for $10-15, and for some reason ive only seen MM sold for 20$ and up. so considering how rare it is + how old it is, i guess around 35 sounds right. basically depends on the store, or the seller. theres no set price.
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  3. how much is the gold cartiridge worth

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