Quick question about the battle system.

#1KLouD_KoNNeCteDPosted 5/15/2012 8:23:26 PM(edited)
I have only played for a few minutes but it seems as if the battle system is all automatic? What I mean is can I pick what I want a character to do or is my only option to "focus on healing" "attack with all might" etc? Sorry if I'm not explaining myself very well, I can try and explain it a little better if no one can understand what I'm trying to say. Any help would be appreciated. ^_^
#2TheWhangPosted 5/21/2012 2:14:28 PM
You selected auto battle. Pick the other option.
This is me or something like it . . .
#3KLouD_KoNNeCteD(Topic Creator)Posted 5/21/2012 11:46:57 PM
Thank you. I was hoping I just over looked the other option. Thanks a bunch! :D