Single player campaign mode (wtf?) questions

#1Neo_SarevokPosted 7/24/2011 5:04:54 PM
First, I'm shocked there is no GameFAQ's guide for this that is half-way informative, but let me begin:

1.) So, I should IGNORE the creatures, yes? Killing creatures makes the bosses stronger, and I don't want that.

2.) When I start a match, the game is automatically giving me land I don't want. Is this the game's way of forcing my deck to 40 cards, so it just randomly gives me land?

3.) My mouse is very hyper-active in the campaign when it comes to left-clicking. For example, when I buy food with the mouse, it buys it up so fast I can't stop it from eating up all my gold! The keyboard, thankfully, works fine, but it's a pain to do everything in the campaign with the keyboard. What's the solution?
#2Neo_Sarevok(Topic Creator)Posted 7/24/2011 6:20:18 PM
Okay, I found a great .pdf instructional manual for the game that cleared up a lot of questions.

Slight question I'm still confused about is what causes the monsters to get stronger? At first, I thought me defeating the monsters makes future summoned monsters stronger, but I found out destroying monsters reduces that corresponding color boss' health, so destroying monsters should be a good thing! Is it based on the boss' mana taps? Is it time in-game?

Basically, what is the variable that causes, say, druids, to evolve to their higher monster variation?
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