Shandalar Mode issues with opening-hand land ratio

#1Neo_SarevokPosted 7/26/2011 11:39:56 PM
I've played Magic since 1994 and despite knowing the correct land/non-land ratio, I'm getting robbed on a lot of opening hands. Many times, I will either have too much land, or too little land. I'm playing with 24 lands on a 60 card deck. After close to 100 Shandalar games, I'm convinced the game does a poor job shuffling the deck.

It's not just the lands. Many times I'll open up with the same cards or draw similar cards in succession. For example, I may go on a land drawing spree for 1-4 turns, then a non-land spree the next.

It would be tolerable if I could save between matches, but when you're in dungeons, you have to do an endurance test of constant games with no saves permitted. If you get one poor opening hand, you're hosed. Even if you live, you sometimes must contend with life carryover.

I'd highly recommend stocking up on Mox cards, attain the Black Lotus, and as many dual lands as possible. I'd also refrain from going with more than two color decks (obviously). Early on, you're better off going mono color beat-down, either red or green, as it's the most guaranteed to circumvent any land shortages.
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