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What games do you not like?
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Mario Party 5 >>>>>>>>>>>>> Mario Party 1 (Archived)MarioGamer12345311/6 9:52AM
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Sign here if you have beaten Minigame Island (Archived)
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I maxed out 99 lives and 99 coins in minigame island a long time ago (Archived)MI4 REAL15/18 8:54PM
My record for the Mecha Fly Guy is 63 spins (Archived)MI4 REAL15/18 8:52PM
What settings do you use on Adventure Boards? (Archived)MI4 REAL25/7 12:20AM
Favourite Map (Archived)
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What's the highest number of stars you've ever gotten in one board/round (Archived)blueside1211/24/2014
Favourite Character (Archived)
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Which Mario Party world would you like as a stage to rep the series in Smash Bro (Archived)PhantasmShot112/19/2013
Just picked up this game (Archived)The_Rater18/8/2013
Best CPU "dumb" moment? (Archived)Give_Teddy_Hugz27/25/2013
I can never forgive Hudson Soft (Archived)GibraItar17/19/2013
how many of the minigames are "rotate the control stick" games? (Archived)shnickshnick33/23/2013
D'OH l MISSED!! (Archived)Luigifan14112/26/2013
let me see your mario party blister (Archived)liquiddeath21310/17/2012
I miss this game! (Archived)Capitan_Kid28/24/2012
My Let's Play of Mario Party. (Archived)XxPika740xX28/10/2012
When I was a kid I thought of the village in this game being in the same... (Archived)Thenumber1yoshi18/10/2012