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8 years ago#1
This is not a joke topic, I'm completely serious. I cannot beat him. I run around after him until I get tired of not being able to get a clear shot, the when I wait for him to reload, I end up dying from his shots. If I could SEE him to actually SHOOT at him, I could do this with no problem, but if I look in first person mode, I'm getting shot.

Basically, I despise the gunplay in this game, and cannot get a clear shot at him because I can't see him, and I have no idea how to kill him. laugh away MGS vets, laugh away, I'm hoping someone will help me out with some advice though.
8 years ago#2

hitting him as he's reloading worked for me

when i just chased him he could never hit me

on straightaways take the shot if you have time

8 years ago#3
The MGS games have some unusual gun mechanics. There are two imporant things you probably aren't doing:

* Hold down [ ] to lock on to the nearest target. Release it to actually fire.

* Hold down X to run and gun at the same time.

So what you want to do is hold down [ ] to keep your gun aimed at Ocelot, and hold down X so that you can chase after him with your gun drawn. When he stops running, let go of [ ] and shoot him.

Also, not all weapons work that way; when you get the FAMAS assault rifle, pressing [ ] fires it, you don't need to press and release.
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8 years ago#4
You can also easily defeat him with 4 C4s.

Plant one in the middle of the West wall, one in the middle of the North wall, one in the middle of the East wall, and another one in the middle of the West wall.

Don't plant any on the South wall, as it's hard to see when he's running past it, while it's very easy to see him run infront of all the others.

Then, basically, just run after him, and press O when he runs infront of the West wall, O again when he runs infront of the North, O once more when he runs infront of the East, and finally a last O when he runs again infront of the West C4. Very easy and efficient. ^^;
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8 years ago#5
This strategy is flawless. When chasing him, let him stop at a corner, make sure when he is at the corner you are straight ahead of him at the following corner he is facing, pull up your Soc om, blast him once, repeat. Works for me every time, and i think its the freaking most intense way to do it.
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8 years ago#6
This is how I did it.
Go on one side on the right or the left,and stay there.
Just stay on the northeast and southeast side,and continue to shoot at Ocelot,when he attempts to shoot at you.
Sure you'll get a few hits on you,but you can use a ration.
8 years ago#7
Hold down x to run and gun!? Woah didn't know u could even do that
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8 years ago#8
The accoutremont that you will need...ACCOUTREMONT!? What is THAT ****!?
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8 years ago#9
Now try those on Extreme. Either you're gonna kick ass or kick your head... I experienced the latter and enjoyed a lot of game over screens. - my occassional struggle with art - on life and gaming... mostly gaming
8 years ago#10
He is so much easier on TTS
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